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Game 001– Batman: The Animated Series


A Game Boy game based off of one of television’s greatest animated series… I hope it’s better than Return of The Joker.


So now Batman has to defeat The Joker and his exploding Teddy Bears? What?

Not too flashy, but it is a Game Boy g- Ooh, a present!
Uh-oh… *boom*

So there’s a bunch of clowns walking around, and you have to punch them a couple of times until they die. There are also a whole bunch of moves that you have to do that are completely unexplained:

To do this, you have to hold up, and press A. Even in midair. You also have to wall-jump to get to most places, which difficult to do sometimes.
And how was I supposed to know that these platforms could be spun on so I could get above it?

The hit detection is pretty poor.
For everyone.

This Teddy Bear thing is so lame…

Now you go against the Joker, who appears in some random place, and then a whole bunch of teddy bears appear.
And there, I got a game over. The levels are really dull, and there’s only one type of enemy.

The rest of the levels also have bad plots, and star villains like Two-Face and Mr. Freeze. It’s not as bad as I excpected, but it’s definitely not source-material worthy.

So… Stay Frosty!

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One thought on “Game 001– Batman: The Animated Series

  1. Deporitaz on said:

    Well, of course it’s bad. It’s an Original Gameboy-era licensed game. Duh.

    Still, that was pretty amusing. Keep at it, Pickles.

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