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Game 002- Samurai Pizza Cats

Screenshot 001

Samurai Pizza Cats, an obscure NES title that very few know about.

Screenshot 001

“Ah, what a nice city…”

Screenshot 001

“What the- agh! What is this?!”

Screenshot 001

“Well, damn. There goes my dinner out.”

Screenshot 001

I of course chose the winking guy. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Screenshot 001

“You know, this city is eerily peaceful for one overun by “aliens”.”

Screenshot 001

“Has he realised that jumping will solve everything?”

Screenshot 001

“Umbrella attack!”
Yeah, that’s right. He has a freaking umbrella. I know, right?

Screenshot 001

“Just keep climbin’ climbin’ climbin'”

Screenshot 001

“What the f- AGH!”

Screenshot 001

Alright, who brought the armoured guy with a large sword into the game about pizza-delivering cats?

Screenshot 001

“Why. Just why.”

Screenshot 001

“And now I can fly? Oh wait, I’m someone else. Or am I? This is so confusing, so many characters ._.”

Screenshot 001

“Aliens? Attacking? I thought you said they’d already taken over! Goshdarnit.”

Screenshot 001

“… No.”

In all seriousness, there’s a lot of fun to be had with this game if you’re willing to import. It’s a decent platformer that’s definately worth buying.

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2 thoughts on “Game 002- Samurai Pizza Cats

  1. thedude3445 on said:

    The graphics look a whole lot like Megaman, which is a good thing by the way. But Tecmo made this? Hmm…. =P

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