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Games 008 and 009- Soul Calibur II and Mortal Kombat Deception

UPDATED 01-12-12: Apparently I was going to review these two games, but I never actually typed them, and for some reason this blank article was published anyway? I have no idea. Maybe someday I will find the reviews for these games that I wrote and will post them.

Last week of September, Month Round-up!

Expect these last 5 or 6 days of September to be huge. I seriously have around 8 game articles ready, but I’m too lazy to post them, plus, Gamers’ Lists of the best Fighting games, and the best fighting game characters, voted on by you, just by posting a comment.

Pipes Remake?


See this? Tis is the only revised version of any Pipes issue. Let’s get all 71 comics redone just like this!

Game 007: Guilty Gear X Advance

Guilty Gear is one of the more popular fighting game series, so it’s reasonable to say that it should get a handheld port, and around the time of Guilty Gear X (the main game in the series), the only one out there was the GBA. Well, at least Sammy tried to be faithful to the source material in this port….

I pick Milla Rage, the girl with the really long hair. Now let’s do this!
Uh-oh… That’s not a good sign there….
Yeah, why in the world would they use the EXACT same sprites, but downsized? I know for games like SFII Turbo Revivial it wouldn’t look too bad, but Guilty Gear sprites are extremely big, and they look terrible this small.

A minute or two later….
Yeah, notice MY health bar.
Wow, great post-win writing for Milla…..
And some arenas just look completely fake, like this one. I don’t remember problems like this on the original.
I get the same exact background 2 matches later, too…

gg 16
The ending. Wow. Definitely the easiest fighting game I’ve EVER played. Even Mortal Kombat 4 for the GBC was harder than this (Shinnok using Scorpion’s moves did help with that =P)! I looked back and saw this was on easy, so I played it again on Hard, but it wasn’t much harder at all….

There’s a Guilty Gear for the PSP that came out a while back, so this game is already useless. Don’t waste your money on this one unless you really love the series, but stick purely to Nintendo systems and the PC, or something like that.

Bonus: Guilty Gear played at 300% speed:

Screenshot Gallery:

Game 006- Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero (N64)

This won’t give you any indication of the game, but it sure is funny to watch my first playthrough of the game.

The controls for the game are so hard, why have a BUTTON to turn around?

New Kontest!

This is a really simple contest. Make the coolest GIF animation of characters fighting each other, good enough that some people could mistake it for an animation taken from a real game, and post it in a comment! Winner gets A super-secret prize, and please keep it under 2 minutes long.

Need a GIF animator? Use UnFreez! All you have to do is save each image the same size, and the images as GIFs, then put them on the program, and make the GIF.

5/20/12 Edit: You can download Unfreez via Google or my Dropbox. It is only 14 KB so it is tiny!

Shadow the Hedgehog Favorites 2

ShtH F2

This was one of the fastest comics I ever made. I was just looking through my sprites, found Yoshi running, and put him running away from the biggest gun sprites I had. I still love how Shadow and Amy’s house is just a huge blank space with furniture, doors, ect. I could have put a background on them all if I wanted to…

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