The Evolution Revolution

Game 004- Mortal Kombat 4 (GBC)

Everyone remember MK4, and how it was the first MK to be fully-3D, and the only one in the main series not to be in a trilogy. This was a launch game for the Game Boy Color, so most likely it was extremely rushed, as you will see.

MK4 3
MK4 2
MK4 1
Kombat Kodes? I will always wonder why they even put those in here.
eww….. Wat are those two things? I think I’m Liu Kang… And the health bar says that my opponent is Reiko. At least the Living Forest is identifiable as a stage.
MK4 5
Wow… I know this is just a handheld fighter and most of those are perpetually easy, as you will see this month, but this is a joke. I’m glad this isn’t as easy as our next game…
MK4 4
So Tanya is just a brown and yellow blob now? On another note while I beat this, how come there was never a Clay Fighter for GB? It was a popular series for its time, and nearly every major fighter had a GB port, from King of Fighters (which didn’t have a regular version even ON a Nintendo system) to Killer Instinct. It would have been cool to see pre-rendered sprites like in Sonic Blast for Game Gear pr the Donkey Kong Land series, portable.
More ugly fighters:
Shinnok. This is also the last battle, as I’m too lazy to go to the master rank tournament.
“Get over here!” …
WHAT THE HECK?! this is Shinnok, not Scorpion!
Anyway, he’s not much harder than any of the others after you get past the fact that he can do that attack.
Wow, a random text ending. That’s it.

This isn’t that bad a game, though. The programmers were almost definitely rushed, and there are kombat kodes. But the graphics are so hideous that it makes everything seem worse. Unfortunately, this isn’t the last of Midway’s bad MK handheld games… Maybe that’s why Midway eventually said
And went bankrupt. Good thing Ed Boon is still making MK9, unlike how many defunct series that just get handed over to other companies.

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