The Evolution Revolution

Game 005- Mortal Kombat 4 (NES Pirate)

This has nothing to do with the last game, barring the name. It “came out” before the actual MK4, if I’m right. This NES pirate is probably the most disorganzied I’ve ever seen, which is defnitely saying something.

It looks like the normal Mari SFIIIT rip-off, right? Well, I’m going to pick the perpetual loser, Stryker, as my playthrough dummy.
The opponents start at Nightwolf at the top, and I assume you just fight until you get to the end of the list.
So let’s watch me pummel Nigh-
… That’s a mini Shao Kahn, not Nightwolf. By the way, Shao Kahn is just as hard as a regular opponent as he is when he’s the final boss… F’n hard for a 2-button fighter! But this first time, my button mashing pulls through and I defeat him, as he goes, “Kahn! KAHHHHHHHN!” Or something like that.
Oh, so THIS Stryker (Sub-Zero) can shoot me and do all the stuff that actuallymakes him look somewhat less of a 90s dork?! Lame.
So I gave up. Now I want to play as Sub-Zero. But each icon of him is either Liu Kang or Stryker! I did shoot an awesome fireball with one of the Liu Kangs.. once. The only characters in this game are Sonya, Liu Kang, Shao Kahn, and Stryker!
I said no on this playthrough, but it’s really mixed overall. 2-button fighters are never any fun to me, but if you like’em, this isn’t that bad. It also has a 2-player mode, this game’s biggest draw. But it’s so disorganized that I can’t even tell how to get to play as Sub-Zero! But don’t worry, there’s still MANY Mortal Kombat pirated games for the NES left.

Well, it’s 1 hour until 9/9/9 now, and I’m going to go see Nine tommorow. So I’ll leave you with my favorite part of this game:

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