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Gamers’ Lists #000: Fighting Game Compilations

This is a supplement to the soon to be released new series of articles called Gamers’ Lists, which is, as the title says, lists of a type of game or games in a series, either good or bad, and why or why not you should buy them (That starts in #003).

So since this is Fight Month, why not tell you some near-perfect deals on fighting game compilations?

King of Fighters: Orochi Saga (Wii, PS2): King of Fighters ’94 through ’98, which is half of the original yearly series! It’s basically 5 games in one you otherwise would have to pay tons for on the Neo-Geo.

Samurai Showdown Anthology (Wii, PS2, PSP): Same thing, except this is 6 games in one.

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (Xbox): Street Fighter III, already one of the best fighters ever, and Hyper Street Fighter II, which lets you play as every version of all 16 SFII characters! I didn’t include the PS2 version of this because the Xbox one is the only one that has online play.

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