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Game of the Decade Awards

What you do is PM, email, or reply on her to me with your three (or less) favorite games since 2000, and title it “Decade Awards” or something similar. If you want, there are also some more categories that you can pick 2 from:

-Most Influential
-Most Underrated
-Most Overrated

And these optional categories you can pick 1 from:

-Hardest Game
-Best Multiplayer (Non-FPS)
-Best FPS
-Best Story
-Worst Voice-Acting

You can do any of the optional ones that you want, but please do the main one. And before you vote, you should probably replay some of the games, unless you’re postitive.

The polling ends Janurary 1st, so comment on here (even if you PMed me on a forum; this’ll count double) for the awards (but I won’t approve them until Jan. 2nd, which I believe means you can’t see’m… or not) to decide what is the best game of the decade!

My 30-Dy Super Mario Challenge- Update

I accidentally Hypercam2 >.>

It’s not working right, and I can’t record any games without it recording like 4 frames a second, or my PC virtually freezing. I may have to skip some of the spin-offs, but no matter how far I fall behind, I won’t fail, at least 😛

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