The Evolution Revolution

Inactivity= epic fail

I’m really sorry about the huge lack of updates. I’ve been really busy since January (Halo and MW2), and Februrary was a very hard month in terms of homework overload; 5 Major Works Data Sheets, even while 3 of them were in-class, is definitely stressful. I forgot Valentine’s Day (well it was more like shrugged it off then realized that it was too late and just said F-it and played Halo), and then I actually have started writing some Star Wars fan-novel (different from fan-fiction; I actually put thought into what I’m writing) that I haven’t written since last May (man, my writing was SO bad back then. I think it was because I was reading the Legacy of the Force books at the same time. OH BURN =P). This place used to be the highest priority for updates, but now it’s the second-lowest (behind Nintendo Mansion, which is like completely gone except for the NC archives =P). Actually, the only reason I am able to update The Mushroom Kingdom, my newest comic series, on time and consistently for 3 months, is because I set it on an update timer (lol for laziness). I could do tha there, but for some reason, I don’t. Those Filler Updates, ShTH Favorites, The Losers, ect. are still just as irrelevant and lame as ever, too. So, I just want to ask, my 4 viewers, for requests. If you have any ideas for future articles, whether it be a rant of mine (which are very entertaining and er, ranty, especially when it comes to political issues), a Gamers’ List, or any specific obscure game you want to know more about. Please, when people request things, then it causes me to be much more motivated to make it.

Thanks in advance, the four of you =P

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