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Pickles Recommends #1: Defense Grid

Defense Grid is basically what you’d think it would be from reading the title. A futuristic tower defense game. You set up different types of towers, starting with gun, flamethrower, and laser, and eventually moving onto things like cannons and Anti-Air. Random alien mech things come walking towards some place where 24 energy pod orb things are, and they try to pick them up and walk back to base. Because of the etremely limited supplies at the start of most levels, you have to strategize and pick which ones to deploy first in which areas, and then choose which ones to upgrade for double the cost of the tower (except for time-slowing temporals, which cost the same for every upgrade).
All normal tower defense stuff, right? Well, in this game, besides the tons of tower types, the defining feature is that in some levels, nearly every single square of the map is made up of a place you can set up a tower in. That means by building towers, you’re also building paths to the orb things. you are able to control the aliens, and attempt to slow them down by extending the paths as far as you can make them. It makes it to where nearly every game can be different.
For pick-up and play users, they have included many short missions, plus one other thing that makes this title extremely well-done. By pressing the back button on the controller, you can go back to any previous checkpoint that the game has saved. So if you end up losing half your cores (Yes! Cores! That’s what they’re called!) at once, you can press back and go to the point before you lose them, and spend your money more wisely, or something of that nature. When there’s only a short time to play, you are also able to quit, and resume the game later from the most recent checkpoint.
Oh, the modes. Besides having medals (if you lose ONE core, you automatically get a bronze medal. Very hard on some maps), after beating a level, there are tons of new modes to play the level in. Examples are Hard mode, which is self-explanatory, Grinder, which is an endurance mode, and a moder where you start off with 20,000 to spend, but destroyed mechs don’t give you anything. Each of those modes also have medals, and will keep completionists up for days.
The only thing hurting the game severely is the fact that there is no online mdoe whatsoever. No co-op or versus (a vs. could be where one person, also with resources, deploys different alien mech dudes, and the other tries to protect his or her cores, maybe)? Sad, I know.

So what should it be worth? I say: $10.00 US.

What does it sell for? $5.00.

Defense Grid’s Recommend Score is a 2. Out of what? IDK. I guess 5. But as long as the item is above 1, it’s fine!

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