The Evolution Revolution

Quick Hits Volume 1

You can see the first volume on here, the rest will be weekly, uploaded to NC. And then maybe eventually here. For all 3 regular viewers =P

So on here, I’ll post a small GB/GBC/GBA game (and sometimes other bargain bin games) you might see browsing through the used games one day. I’ll tell you if it’s worth the 3-20 dollars you might end up spending on it. Hey, that money adds up over time!
btw, I might actually review some of these, eventually. so don’t expect this to be the final word on LoZ: OoS, for sure.

I’ll be rating it in 3 ways; DO WANT, DO NOT WANT, and KINDA WANT. I’ll post a reason if it’s #3.

Battletoads (GB)- Hard as F**k, just like the original. Just as fun, too.
KINDA WANT- Not for the feeble

Killer Instinct (GB)- My God will condone this, but not me. Nice ported Pre-rendered graphics, but it’s a TWO-BUTTON fighter. Horrid beyond belief.

Donkey Kong Land 2- An old port of DKC 2 for GB. DKC 2 is out for GBA now, and is a direct port (plus a few new features) rather than a less-than-stellar port with less features and graphics.

Zelda: Oracle of Seasons- Great graphical style, lots of good dungeons, including some carried over from the original. You can ride in a Kangaroo.

Bomberman (DS)- It’s great fun, but the story is lame and there’s no bots for multiplayer. All maps are exactly the same, checkerboarded. Bomberman Land Touch series improves on this.

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