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Pickles Recommends #2: Monster Bomber

This game: Monster Bomber (2006, DS)

A simple premise of aiming and shooting colored balls at colored monsters sounds like something that’s already been done on the DS, but it seems like this is the only game so far. You have to shoot the monsters before they hit the barrirer between topscreen and lowscreen, gradually weakening it until they get through and you lose, and if you shoot the wrong color at a monster, it’ll spawn a new one. so the pressure is on to hit them in 100s of different stages, where certain obstacles block the way. The “Adventure” mode is just a mission mode like in Tetris DS, and there isn’t much else to the game besides regular arcade mode, with selectable stages.
I was fully prepared to start ripping on this game, until suddenly, it started growing on me…. I wondered why I had kept it for all these years and not sold it, but slowly, I started learning more tricks that should have been in the “How to Play” but, due to Engrish, were not. By holding the ball in place before you flick it or release it, not only does it grow bigger to be able to hit more monsters, but is also accelerates, and if it hits a wrong-colored monster, it’ll send that guy flying back a few feet instead of spawning a new monster. With tricks like that and swiping your stylus across the color palletes to fire all of them at once, the game becomes more like the frantic-arcade type game that is so addicting.
Though there’s a rockin’ soundtrack, the lack of modes and lame multiplayer would make me give this game a low rating if I were reviewing it, but its addictive and pick-up-and-play nature make it a great timewaster for all to enjoy.

It should be worth: $10 dollars US

Its Price: $20 dollars US

Recommend score: 0.5

Hey, but Puzzle Quest should be worth 10 dollars like it is on XBLA, but on DS it’s also 20. So take that into though next time you see a DS game. Overcharging DDD<

Anyway, if you have any comments, qustions, suggestions, complaints, or praise, hit me up int he comments section, or at . Join you next time for…. some other random game. Ciao!

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