The Evolution Revolution

The Untold Tales of Thedude3445!

So you’ve been wondering why I’ve been gone since July and what I’ve been doing? No? Oh… Sorry…. 😦

Okay anyway I’ll be chronicling my Adventures of Maximum Glory, Danger, and Carnage here. Like a journal but heavily exaggerated. So maybe this should go in the fanfiction section 😛 and it helps show just what I’m up to at the moment.

Here’s my 1st chronicle: Chronicle of the Summer of 2010

– Remember how I left NC in early July and said I’d be back on like the 12th? Well I didn’t. I said I was going to become a comic book nerd, but the pain of torrenting over 100 things at once WHILE trying to read Marvel’s House of M storyline (which is lame because it’s an alternate universe up until the end arrrrrgh waste of time) actually caused my computer to break down and not work for months due to slowness. And viruses. Due to careless torrenting (plus I think my dad got some on there…. eww). And that’s the story of how I learned to only ever go on h33t, tpb, and demonoid for illegal goodies.

– So I got Borderlands and got about halfway through it when I got… MASS EFFECT! That game was sweet. I played it for like 100 hours before beating it just because I even loved the Mako driving on the planets. Sweetness to no bounds. It was the reason I was able to get through band camp alive (well at least not bored to death. I was fit enough this year that even the 4-hour practices didn’t make me sore much).

-The entire month of August was nothing but Oblivion, and waiting for Halo Reach to come out (I even had a countdown timer thing going where when I talked to people first thing I would say was how much time was left, to the hour, by the last 25 days). I cannot believe how much that game drowned out my social life. LOL.

-September was ruled mostly by me waiting for Halo Reach. And more Oblivion. My love life had perished due to my idocy way back in late May, and I tried to rekindle that during this month. It was not successful, but it didn’t backfire, either. Lamest part of this month was actually Halo Reach itself. I hyped it up quite a bit, but I only played it intensely for about 4 weeks before I stopped. I mean it was great, possibly better than Halo 3, but IDK, it just didn’t hold my intrest.

#2: [i]Chronicle of the Autumn[/i]
-Remember that part about it not backfiring? Well it did. October 5th. ugh…. My grief and self-loathing lasted like 2 months. Though I made lots of new friends, I didn’t really do anything…. Like, at all… Well starting with Christmas break, I became all OCD and started organizing. EVERYTHING. It gained me like 100 GB in HDD space (on my external drive, now hooked to a non-virused PC), and I re-found my love for Star Wars by watching all of The Clone Wars season 2 with VLC (thanks for telling me about it, sakon!), then Star Wars Legacy the best comic series I’ve ever read. Then I came upon Demonoid while looking for Star Wars Legacy: War, the sequel miniseries that has one issue out now, and the second’ll come in less than 2 weeks! Well that got me back into reading through Marvel Comics again, because I could actually FIND them on Demonoid, unlike with tpb. I finished the irrelevant House of M quickly, bored out of my mind with stuff like the New Thunderbolts, who shouldn’t have even gotten a crossover issue with that. Then I read Civil War, and I was hooked. Some Marvel comics are just plain terrible (the new Moon Knight series, I’m looking at you O_O), but some are really amazing, especially the series by Brian Bendis.

-My cousins came over for Christmas, and instead of playing epic Xbox games like we did last year, we actually just played through Mario Party 2, then 3, then 4. That, the minigames in Pokemon Stadium 1/2, a 99-life, 2X-speed, Pokeballs on, Final Destination match on Melee, WarioWare: Mega Party Game$, then the epic board game Apples to Apples were all we played. Not even Brawl, Halo, or anything! SO much fun. I recommend Mario Party 2’s Bowser Board, and all maps on Mario Party 3 if you want a fun party.

-Then they left on Dec. 27th. Seriously. They got here on the 23rd at 7:00 PM… O_O. Well since then, I’ve mostly just read comics, and now I’m to Dark Reign in Marvel, which happened in 2009, so I’m almost caught up to the present so I can actually BUY the comics! 😛

#3: [i]Chronicle = Now[/i]

-Yesterday I started uploading MY OWN torrents to Demonoid. So epic! 2 series I have that are not on Demonoid, The Order and The New Warriors, are now on, and tons of people have them! I also uploaded Vengeance of the Moon Knight, which I have not read yet, but it sounds good, though I think all 10 issues are on there in one torrent, lol.
Here they are btw: – Vengeance of the Moon Knight – The New Warriors volume 4 – The Order

I reccommend The Order wholeheartedly, btw. It’s pretty good, and funny due to epic dramatic irony.

#5 [i]Chronicle of the logical Mario[/i]

-Lately I’ve also been going to Mariology a lot, and I’ve posted an idea for a new Mario game, which I’ll post here too btw, and we’re also making a Mario Party board game. But this one’s gonna be ROCKIN’! Also there is a comic called Super Mario Bros. 3. Based on SMB3. It’s a GREAT comic and it just passed its 100th issue, so you should definitely read it!
The board game:

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