The Evolution Revolution

More Untold Tales!

#6 Chronicles of the Ambitions of the Feather

Got a Twitter at @Thedude3445. This will be interesting. Not much more to say except that I’m totally going to post like 300 times a day. lol.
I might also get an actual blog just to host these amazing Chronicles with amazing names that I’ve been making. Anyone know any good Blog hosting sites besides WordPress?

#7 Chronicle That Took Like, I Dunno, 5 Hours Or Something

So today all I’ve been doing is going to every site possible and registering. Ever since Thedude3445 was taken on Youtube, I’ve been anxious that another person will use it or something and when I get famous people will take my name on purpose! D=
Anyway there’s some sites that I can’t believe I never registered on until today. Here they are:
-Twitter, as said before
-Spriters Resource

And last month I also signed up for ComicRack,, TVTropes,, and Ask the Smashers. I’m going crazy with registering O_O

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