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Extreme Marvel Comics Torrent

At Demonoid, I now have a 28GB+ torrent of nearly every comic from Avengers Disassembled to Siege! Go see it and down it! I would also like help on completing the collection for real, if you want to.
(It’s the one called Modern Marvel Comics up to Heroic Age, of course)

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2 thoughts on “Extreme Marvel Comics Torrent

  1. Jean Gonthier on said:

    Hi. Is anybody still seeding this?
    Would be awesome if I could still download this awesome torrent.


    • Nope. No seeds. Demonoid went down sometime in 2011 and only just came back this year, so most every torrent on there lost all of its seeds. In the time since I made this, I had a hard drive crash as well, so I don’t even have access to the files for this anymore.

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