The Evolution Revolution

An idea to rennovate Fire Emblem

An old idea I had back in 2008. re-post!

Fire Emblem is one of my favorite series, the only two I’ve played, Radiant Dawn and Sacred Stones, are both in my top 30 favorite games, Radiant Dawn being my second favorite game currently. But one thing that bugs me about the games is that they haven’t changed much at all since the GBA games. There were a few new units in SS, but nothing new and different. The most revolutionary things are the Laguz and Knives since Path of Radiance.
that the next Fire Emblem game on the DS (after the new DS one coming out) needs is a huge overhaul; so I’ve thought up this new game idea…, really.

Time Assault: a Fantasy Fire Emblem: Mech Version
Excuse the long title. The Mech version is going to be like Red version of Pokemon…….Except that it’s going to be a LOT different from the other version!

All cutscenes will be like Proffesor Layton; Anime. the simply dialouge will be regular FE, though.

Story: It’s the beginning of a fierce battle between the Auttoman Empire and strange invaders during the year 2000 in Tellius. The main character, Drago (Jr-ay-goh) drops onto the battlefield from a plane, shooting at least 20 invaders within a minute. Suddenly, a giant robot appears, crushes his weapon, and launches a huge grenade at him, but blocks the explosion.
The door to the bot opens and reveals an old man with three strips of red hair, the rest white.

Man: Hello, Drago.
Drago: Who are you?
Man: My name is Theodorous…Call me Theo.
Theo: Come with me. I’ve been watching you for years now. You are a strong warrior, that’s why we started this battle.
Drago: I’m not-
Autto Soldier: Hey! That man’s a traitor! Get him!
*Drago hops in the second seat of the Mech and they blast off into space, fighting several enemy planes along the way*

Theo: Sorry about your prized gun.
Drago: Do you know how expensive and rare that was? I think it was the only one left on Earth! I’ll never be able to be as good1

Theo: You’re correct. From Earth. *Throws another silver-plated gun at Drago* We’re not in Earth anymore, though.

*Mech flies into spaceship*
(2 anime scenes over)

*They’re walking out of the Damaged Mech (Damaged escaping)*

Drago: Wait…. So you’re the enemy?
Theo: Not anymore… To you.
Drago: Wait! You’re the ones who destroyed my hometown and killed my family!
*Drago glares at Theo and raises a fist*
Theo: We had to. Our army attacked it because your Auttoman army held the city hostage and was going to kill your family, ending your heritage except for you.
Drago: Well then, I guess YOU exceeded!
Theo: That’s wrong.

*Woman runs up to Drago*

Francis: Drago! You’re alive!
Drago: Of course I am! Why’d you say that?
Theo: Lady Francis…. Let’s not be hasty…
Theo again: Now… Since you’re reunited, here’s the simple explanation: We need to go back to 1492 and rescue some natives on a small island from being killed off by the Others by some explorers. Drago, I’m going to need you to be the leader, so here’s the command Receiver Control. You can command your troops with this. And here’s your weapon.
*Receives Double Machine Gun*
Drago: But what about my Gun?
Theo: The way you used your old one….. You will need some new skills before you are able to fully use it..
And no, you’re not going with just 1 other person. You’re going to have commanders that serve with you.

(3 ninjas appear)
Ryuk: Hello. I remember you. I almost had to fight you when was saving your wife and kid.
Gol: ….
Cid: Don’t mind him. We’re….. just not talkative much.

(Man appears)
Rider: Yo. You see, I was a test for indestructable metals under fire genetically back in 2101.
Drago: …..Umm….. That was a long time ago I guess…

(A Kid Appears)
Josh: Look past my age before you say anything. My intellect is most probablyfar superior to yours.

(A woman appears)
Samus: (In armor) You’d better be good.

Theo: You’ll of course be supplied with a few dozen troops and 3 mechs, so if you do this right, this mission will be pretty easy. Step into the warp-ship and go!

You will first be able to buy items and save and check the library and have conversations like the FE:RD before-battle preperation menu, obviously.

TA:aFFE: Command Version

Story: Five knights in complete armor are alone, charging on foot towards a castle

Tij: Onward, men! We’re almost he-

*A giant Rubber inflatable ball drops down from the sky and crushes two of the men, bouncing away into the forest*

Gijtil: Ehh…..General Tij….

*From on the castle, an archer loads his ammo onto the bow and launches the……swords?*
*Swords miss and then the archer jumps down next to the 3 Knights*
Archie: Why, ‘lo! My boss ‘uz ‘ooking fo’ya! He ‘old me to be takin’ you to the base!
*Spaceship lands and the 4 walk in and it zooms away into a desert where hundreds of diverse men and women are gathered around socializing, practicing combat, and simply sitting in lawn chairs*

(End of anime scene)

*Outside of the ship*
Tij: Man, this is sure hot, even without my armor!
Hurd: You said it, boss!
Archie: Aww, don’t be babies. you’ll get used to it in a week!
*Old man appears*
Marks: (Old man, looks like theo but has 6 small strips of blue hair left) Ah, finally. I guess then we can begin. Everybody, may I have your attention? It’s time to go back to Org Times. Get ready to battle.

You get character intros from the character coversations.

So what’s new about Fire Emblem? New units and weapons aren’t even close! There are now tiers to the battlefields! It can go up to 3 tiers under the man one and 3 above, making 7 available parts of a map. Usually, there’s nothing but sky above, but sometimes there’ll be mountains that contain stairs up, and sometimes even cities and shops.

Speaking of cities, now you can enter some of them as extra parts of the map, too.
Underground, there might be just a lower tier of a mountainous megalopolis too low to show on the main tier, but usually it’s a dungeon or actually underground, with no shops, towns, or anything but sometimes treasure chests.

Now when you rescue someone, you can rescue anybody at least 1 size under you, and your move area is increased, but now your fighting stats are decreased.
And skills can be equipped like in Radiant Dawn, but always someone has one unique to them that’s locked. They make it where each main character now has a different sprite animation, and they’re not all just recolours.

The difference between the two is that Mech Version has… Mechs. They also have new types of units that are actually probable in the regular Fire Emblem; Ninja, Gentleman (You’ll see), and Drafter (Drafted warrior) for example. It’s also way more plot-driven.

Command Version is just like the name says. It gets rid of all of that plot and has way more chapters with dozens of different scenerios, like having you as one character , not being able to get out of your throne because of surrounding guard allies, so you have to just command your allies. It s also pretty obscure, with Battalion Wars Unit types, and even Advance wars Vehicle Units.

The Mechs and Vehicles are alike, but way different. You have to have from 1-5 people opperating them (depending on the ship), and they are like mega-units, though weak against some human/monster units aswell. If destroyed, all in the machine will die if in the sky, or just seperate like if you rescued them and then died. If there’s no room for 5 spots because enemies surrounded the machine, then the enemies will be pushed out of the way.
The difference is that mechs can be customized completely, and that some mechs are activated by a certain weapon or person’s Main Skill.

Also, commanding is reworked tons, so that it’s almost like a turn-based RTS…..that’s an oxymoron.

I’m not sure, but I think maybe you could buy arrows to equip to bows. Maybe.

Lastly, all units from Sacred Stones except the dragon and All non-Laguz from Radiant Dawn are returning, and also the bard is returning from FE7, now able to fight.
Branching Class Ups are also in (Sometimes), aswell as 3 tiers and even 4 sometmes.

New Units:
Mech Version Exclusive
Ninja: Master of Stealth, with great speed and avoiding powers. (Can Class up to Assasin or Great Shinobi)

Power Suit: Samus’s first suit. It has great speed but poor defense. (Class up to Varia) Uses Hi-Tech and Guns.
Varia Suit: It;s the Power Suit but the speed and defense are more equal. (Class to Light/Dark)
Light Suit: Faster than the Varia Suit, it can shoot Light beams (Light magic)
Dark Suit: Slow but powerful, it can shoot Dark Beams (Dark Magic)

Light and Dark can class up to Summoner or

Phazon Suit: Can use both Light and Dark. it can use Corruption as an optional attack; it boosts all stats, but hurts the user.

Kokori Tunic: (Sp?) Link’s first suit. It is pretty equal and not low, but attack is higher than the rest. Uses Swords and Hero weapons. (Classup to Zora or Goron)
Zora Tunic: Special attack is better. Now can use Electric magic.
Goron Tunic: Defense is better. Now can use Axes.
(Classup to Magic armor and Hero Armor)
Magic Armor: Ability: You get one Gold for every HP taken away, but Link’s defense is severely lowered. Normally, Luck is raised, HP doesn’t get as high.

Hero Tunic: Bascially the most balanced Class ever, and can use Lances, Axes, Swords, and Hero.

Gentleman: He doesn’t use regular weapons. He gives characters top-hats, which make allies’ health increase, and foes become poisoned. He can also attack with a cane (Infinite uses).
Lastly, he can move twice a turn.

Drafter: Later in the game, the war’ll get so deep that a draft will be called, and you’ll get unexperienced units. They can use any weapon, but when they reach level 10, the weapon they are in the highest class with chooses their first actual class.
Sword: Mercenary or Swordsman
Axe: Pirate or Warrior
Lance: Knight or ….I can’t think of another….>.<
Bow: Archer
Magic: Monk/Summoner or Mage of whatever Amina magic it is.
Knife: Ninja or Thief.
Guns/Hi-tech: Sniper or Soldier.

Command Version Exclusive
Scottcher: An archer who shoots with swords and lances
Mage Suit: A Mage that can use Hi-Tech things
Clown: Clowns use the most obscure weapons ever.
Dry Bones: Uses his bones like lances and boomerangs to attack.
Hammer Bro: Class up from DB. Can use Axes now.
Bowser: Class up from HB. Uses Axes, Fire Breath, and his claws.
Dry Bowser: Class up from HB. Uses all that HB does but now, and he can use claws.

Not Exclusive:
Shining Knight: A Clunky warrior, with some of the best defense of any unit.
Bard: It's not new, but now you can use magic via the pan-flute.
Kirby: He can optionally copy an ally's or a defeated enemy's complete status for 1-3 turns. Using "Hiiiii" and making the power go away takes a turn.
Meta-Kirby: Can use swords at any time, too.
Phsycic: They have 2 different attacks; One long-range and one short. But their ability allows them to posses weapons from enemies and allies at a distance, and transport them to a storage base or itemkeeper.

Itemkeeper: Can keep track of up to 20 items at a time, and is the only unit able to drive the Wagon.

New Weapon Types:
In Knives: All Ninja weaponry
In Axes: Maces. Hammer-like ones and Ones you swing around.
Hero: Weapons like what Link'd use, and some SSB items.
Hi-Tech: Missles, beams, robotic things
Guns: Pistols, Ray Guns, Machine Guns, Missle Launchers, ect.
Obscure: Things like Rubber Balls, Strawberries, and Wiimotes.

Some Vehicles:
Wagon: I think this was used before, but oh well. It's a horse-wagon that you store items in and it acts as a healing center, a meat-shield if you don't need it, and you can place archers/scottchers on it to shoot types of arrows.

Catapult: Now it can be moved!
Sailing Ships: Can be used by humans now, not just CPUs.
Draco-ships: Like a plane, but using a Dragon.
Helicopter: Randomly. It has a machine gun equipped.

Yeah….This took me two hours, if anybody has any comments or Critisicms, please reply! And feel free to make your own ideas. KK?

If you read this whole thing, I applaud you. =P

EDIT (On NC it was an edit): Time to read more. Each Pack will contain 3 cards and a GBA Pak. The GBA Pak contains unit/item/progress data so that you can actually have multiple cards.
You can link the two together using wireless connection OR passwords, like in the Zelda: Oracles games.
The Wi-Fi multiplayer contains arena and map-based fighting on all maps from that card.
There's also download play battles on sample maps and the arena, aswell as One DS fighting; You play like Worms; One DS, switching each turn.

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