The Evolution Revolution

Failed Idea: Frank 7 Gil

Frank & gil was going to be a machinima series, by me, about two dudes that travelled from game to game, just trying to make a living and survive. But of course, I didn’t realize how difficult making a machinima would be since I didn’t even have Xbox Live or a video camera or anything, and I couldn’t even finish the Halo 3 sections because the only other “actor” was my little brother. LOL.

The orirignal document:

Frank & Gil: Game Characters for Hire

Frank: Headstrong, Smart-@**ed and
cocky fighter of the duo. Pretty dumb
‘Leroy Jenkins’es most of the plans
they make, botching their games lives
almost always.

Gil: Overconfident to say the least,
bad technology user, and a bit of a
lone wolf at times. Also not the smartest
man in town.

Caught by the Ghosties (Timesplitters):
Frank & Gil’s homegame. All was peaceful
until a comet hit and everybody was infec-
-ted by a virus except for a select few.
The fighting went on for weeks before
the two gave up and looked for jobs

Duel Game (any):
Frank & Gil’s first failed job;
they duel each other in the Stadium,
but do it badly. For punishment of
their bad preformances, their boss
fired them and attacked them with
his men. They escaped on a ship,
but it crashed in a desert.

Desert Fun (Halo 3):
They’re stranded, but escape it
in an Elephant tank after some mishaps.

Valhalla Stage in Halo 3 (Halo 3)
They meet Master Chief and anger him, then
escape after Chief runs away and his minion
is shot and wounded.

Another Battle in Halo (Halo 3):
They meet the evil Anti-Spartans, who force them to fight
in their war against the spartans.
They save Master Chief from the minion who was left
on Valhalla and join the Spartans until Frank
accidentally kills the Chief and both sides attack them.
They fall into a portal that warps them to Star City.

Star City (Kirby Air Ride):

I stopped there, but it would have been epic to have a Kirby Air Ride machinima =DDD

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