The Evolution Revolution

Quick Hits 3

On here, I’ll post a small GB/GBC/GBA game (and sometimes other bargain bin games) you might see browsing through the used games one day. I’ll tell you if it’s worth the 3-20 dollars you might end up spending on it. Hey, that money adds up over time!

Kirby’s Dream Land (GB)- Kirby, without any good gimmicks, level design, or copy powers. All that’s left is good music.

Bases Loaded- A pretty complex baseball sim, for the GB, at least. There are many better ones for GBC and GBa, though. Very outdated.

Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets (GBC)- An RPG! FTW! Lots of collectible cards, spells, exploring and all that junk. Short though
KINDA WANT- If you like RPG/Adventures.

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