The Evolution Revolution

Quick Hits 4

On here, I’ll post a small GB/GBC/GBA game (and sometimes other bargain bin games) you might see browsing through the used games one day. I’ll tell you if it’s worth the 3-20 dollars you might end up spending on it. Hey, that money adds up over time!

Tetris Attack (GB)- Nice little port of the SNES version, including much of that game. Except there are huge passwords instead of saves. Get the sequel, Pokemon Puzzle Challenge, instead.

Mario Party Advance- Nice Little Diversions, but the real fun is the board game mode. You can download the Bonus Bord on the Mario Party Advance Website, in .pdf format.
Kinda Want- Only for the real-life Bonus Board

Dynasty Warriors Advance- The hated hack-n-slash has new life breathed into it on the GBA, where it’s given tons of stats and RPG elements, weapons, and a strategy-RPG element to it, and now all portable. Multiplayer included.

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