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My Super Smash Bros. 4 Dream Roster

Thedude3445’s Dream SSB4 Roster V1.0

* Unlockable
+New Character

Plus their final smashes, well for most characters. I’m partial to transformations, albeit non-invincible ones. I would really like to see a mode where you can permenantly play as each of the transformations in a battle, so it could be like Giga Bowser vs. Super Sonic vs. Fierce Diety Link.

All villains are unlockable because that would be awesome; unlocking a character after you defeat them in an epic boss battle.

69 characters, 37 newcomers, 32 returning. 4 transformation characters.

(this is actually slightly less than I was shooting for; 75 characters. But around there is fine. Remember that the iDensity Discs that the Wii U uses are 25GB, and that’s only single-layered; Brawl did double layer on the Wii discs, so SSB4 could do that on here too if it wants.)

Mario Series—-
Mario- transforming into full-on Fire Mario. Like the final sprites in this sprite sheet: .
Luigi*- Same Final smash… whatever it was….
Peach- Shadow Queen dangit! This would be completely amazing!
Bowser*- Giga Bowser
+Geno*- Turns everyone into those scarecrow status effects from SMRPG for 10-15 seconds. They have no recoil but they also can’t move, so he can deal massive damage (by hitting their weak points)
Geno would probably only be in if Sqeenix got some reps, IMO.
+Paper Mario- No idea about the final smash o.o
+Bowser Jr./Shadow Mario*- Hopping onto the Mecha Bowser from Super Mario Sunshine, which would appear in the background of the stage, and blasting away.

Donkey Kong Series—–
DK- DK needs a Giga DK too D=
Diddy- Same final smash
+K. Rool*- no idea about his final smash o.o

Yoshi/Wario Series—–
Yoshi- Same Final Smash, but not invincible please :/
Wario*- Same Final Smash, but not invincible please :/
+Waluigi*- How about Super Waluigi. But really terrible. Make Waluigi as much of a joke character as possible 😛

Zelda Series——
Link (Skyward Sword Style)- Fierce Diety Link FTW!
Zelda/Shiek- Same final smash.
But what about having to unlock Shiek? That would be interesting.
Gannondorf (severely decloned)*- Ganon as a transformation not attack.
+Imp Minda-Wolf Link/TP Midna- transform into that giant battle spider thing that was awesome!
+The villain from Skyward Sword*
I can already tell that he’s going to be a character worth remembering for years to come. Probably.

Metroid Series——-
Samus/ZSS- Same
+Ridley*- no idea of fs.
Predictable because Metroid has so few characters lol.

F-Zero Series——-
Captain Falcon*- Doing a version of the Falcon Punch from the anime (; he punches his target, pausing the action, but then it goes back to the gameplay and a giant beam of energy shoots out above and below him (like how the galaxy is exploding in the anime), damaging anyone above/below him.
+Black Shadow*- The opposite of the Falcon Punch; he jumps at the target, grabs them, punches them, and throws them down at high speeds, almost always resulting in a KO if they’re over an edge.
+Rick???*- Since there haven’t been any F-Zero games since Climax, we have no way of knowing if the anime was actually canon or not. I’m assuming it is, and that Rick would be a lot like Captain Falcon, but less fire attacks and more guns.

Kirby Series——-
Kirby- Turns into the Galactic Knight guy from Kirby Super Star Ultra. Completely awesome.
Meta-Knight- Same FS. Nerf him please!!!!
Dedede*- same.
+Waddle Dee?- He’s the 4th player in the upcoming Kirby Wii. If it proves popular enough, maybe he’ll get in. IDK FS.

Star Fox Series——-
Fox- Turns into James McFreakingCloud. No idiotic Landmaster :/
Falco*-Hops in an Arwing and gets to blast at foes from offscreen like Snake’s Final Smash in Brawl. Except with lasers.
+Krystal- Gets on her pterodactyl and soars around at insane speeds, like Lyn’s Assist Trophy attack, except controllable.
+Peppy*- Surely a great WTF character, but only if SF643D sells well. Which it will duh 😛 FS- hops in the Blue Marine (WTF??? :P), still onscreen, and can shoot at people around the stage.

Pokemon Series——–
Pikachu- Same
Jigglypuff*- Same
+Someone Second Gen.- Placeholder Scizor (Hey he was #19 in the IGN Top 100 Pokemon so maybe!)
+Plusle & Minun??- Pikachu’s except somewhat different; like 2 sparks flying around, orbiting each other as they smack into opponents.
+Metagross*- YES. HELL FREAKING YES. Final Smash is meteor mash and you know it.
Lucario???- If he’s not replaced by….
+Zorark*- automatic shoe-in. Illusion ability. Seriously. Final Smash would be transforming into Genesect, Kyruem (sp?), or Landorous, and rampaging everywhere. Because why the hell not?
That would be 1 rep. per generation, unless both Plusle & Minun and Metagross get in, and unless Lucario goes away, which he probably will.

Fire Emblem Series——
Marth- Same
Ike*- Now in Vanguard Class. Complete with the ear ring. 8) A lot faster now since he’s like way buffer and can hold his sword well.
+Black Knight*- He stabs the ground with his sword, and then his armor bursts apart (with Ashera in the background like with Palutena in Pit’s) so he only has some chainmail left, and his armor re-forms into a sword. He’s just as powerful, but now he’s much faster and his sword is even longer.
+Lyn- Does her assist trophy move, except much mroe powerful.
+Eliwood*- He gets on a freaking horse for his final smash.
+Hector*- No idea actually…

Earthbound Series——-
Ness*- Same
+Who could be the third Earthbound character? Not Claus. Maybe Pokey in EB form or Paula maybe?

+Balloon Fighter- turns into a buff anime guy with 3 (!!!) balloons and insane power. lol
+Mach Rider*- Revamping MR into a gritty action racer/shooter should be Nintendo’s next project, so putting him in SSB4 first like they did with Pit is a must.
Pit- Same
+If KI:U is popular enough, maybe anime sword-guy, Palutena, or Medusa could get in? Or Eggplant Wizard. 😛
Ice Climbers- Exact. Same. 😛
+Sukapon*- Joy Mech Fight was one of Nintendo’s first fighters and was a whole lot like Smash Bros. He is basically the daddy of the series!
ROB- Same.
+Takamaru*-The best Samurai ever; comes with a Panda alternate costume (Show Me Your News inside joke :P)
+Little Mac- Pretty much the perfect fighter. Duh. Final Smash is Giga Mac. ‘Nuff Said.
Mr. Game and Watch*- The Octopus could be changed, I guess?

Olimar- Same
+Louie*-Gets on the Titan Dweevil and controls it. Because he is evil…. O_O Anyway he’d be basically the Luigi-fied version of Olimar, with slightly different attacks and a different control method (he chucks the Pikmin at a slight angle instead of straight ahead, for example.)
+Starfy*- Maybe.
+AC Villager- There are so many possibilities for a final smash that there’s no point in even guessing 😛
+Mii- Duh. With the 3DS version focusing on RPG elements, the Mii will definitely be in and will have a customizable moveset.
+Isaac*- Except in his Dark Dawn form, which means 40 years old and extremely awesome.
+Batallion Soldiers*- From Batallion Wars; a group of 4 tiny guys, each in the foot classes of the game; soldier, mech, flamethrower, bazooka. You play as a 5th guy and command them around with the attacks. Like a cross between Olimar and Ice Climbers.

3rd Party——-
Snake*- Same? I would like to see Old Snake in here somehow, though probably just as an alt. costume I guess.
Sonic*- Change Super Sonic into something that’s actually beatable or at least dodgeable, PLEASE.
+Travis Touchdown*- Complete epic win, that’s all.
+Maxwell*- From Scribblenauts. The series is hugely popular and he fits right in with the Nintendo cast. An infinite amount of possible moves.
+Rocket*- AKA the Blue Slime from Dragon Quest. The mascot of the series. With Nintendo’s huge partnership with Squeenix to make this series, this seems pretty obvious.

Wolf- I don’t really see why he was in in the first place. He was obviously going to be a clone of Fox and there’s not that much to change him to make him different. Meh. I guess he could be in there
Roy- Same. With Eliwood being in, Roy becomes completely useless.
Toon Link- Unncecessary clone.

Pokemon Trainer. I think he should skip out on the regular roster, but then come back as DLC. But not just him, but 5; 1 for each generation. 2= Chikorita/Quilava/Feraligatr, 3= Treeko/Swampert/Blaziken, 4= Chimchar/Prinplup/Torrterra, 5= Tepig/Servine/Samurott. Win. Also I would love each of the Pokemon Trainers to get a transformation final smash into one legendary: 1= Mewtwo (except not sucky like in Melee) 2=Raikou 3=Deoxys 4= hmm… Giratina? 5= Victini, Landorous, or Genesect. IDK.

I thought this was an okay list, though there were a few I might want to change later. I’m still on the fence about Wolf, and it wouldn’t kill me to have Toon Link/Toon Zelda/Toon Ganonondorf if there were enough open spots. That’s why this is just a V1.0. so please feel free to criticize this as much as you want.

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13 thoughts on “My Super Smash Bros. 4 Dream Roster

  1. Metagross on said:

    Of the Mario characters I definitely agree with Geno and Paper Mario, Bowser Jr. is more realisic without the Shadow Mario aspect. DK is all good, and Zelda is alright but we’ll have to see about this Skyward Guy, I think Vaati is a bit more realistic. Waluigi as a joke… and nothing more… With F-Zero I have no opinions since I don’t do racing games. For Kirby I agree with Waddle Dee, I disagree with the removal of Wolf and the addition of Peppy, completely. Krystal is good. With Pokemon I would idealy get one Pokemon Trainer for each Gen. What we could have is Pikachu in the form a trainer similar to Ash, using Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Charizard together in one character. Then we could use other Pokemon for a total of five Pokemon Trainers. However more realistically we’ll see Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Zoroark, and an Unova Pokemon Trainer using presumably Tepig, Servine, and Samurott. I already told you my opinions for FE, I suppose I’ll just say realistically we’d get one character for each game. Though sadly Ephiram is not likely… Earthbound is the same, but I disagree Claus might be a decent character. Really aside from the already included characters I think we have enough retro guys, I’m just tired of those type of characters inluded over people who really deserve it. EX. ROB and G&W. Other than the already incuded Olimar I disagree with all your Modern choices. Especially the Mii. I don’t think anybody wants to play as their Mii, I sure as hell don’t. Isaac is great choice though. For the 3rd Party, We don’t need Maxwell or Rocket. Travis would be amazing and the No More Heroes creator is all for it. I say Chrono and Sora for Square, Mega Man or Zero, and Leon Kennedy.

  2. Metagross on said:


  3. thedude3445 on said:

    -If the Skyward Sword guy ends p sucking hard, I’d just opt out of any new Zelda characters. Vaati is badass, but pretty obscure in terms of Zelda, sadly.
    -And Waluigi will have a biker outfit that makes him look like the cop from the Village People. The gay one 😛
    -You know you want Peppy 😛 I made the first half of the list at 4:00 in the morning (which it almost is now so lol) and I thought it’d be funny. He’s easily interchangeable with Wolf because I’m really on the fence about Wolf, like I said.
    -I would really like 1 Pokemon Trainer per gen and at least one Pokemon per gen, but sadly I think 5th gen is going to get the full spotlight here (well not too sadly but still), with only Pikachu and Jigglypuff remaining from the old games. Luckily this means Samurott being extremely likely, like you said.
    -Uhh I didn’t put Ephraim because I didn’t think he’d ever have a chance of getting in 😛
    -Claus is an interesting character, but I think Earthbound deserves another rep, not Mother 3.
    -Retro characters: I would actually cut ROB and Game and Watch if I didn’t know that would cause a huge uproar if actually cut since they’re not even clones. I’ve been rooting for Mach Rider, Balloon Fighter, and Sukapon to get into Smash since before the Smash Dojo started its daily updates in May 2007 so I’m biased here 😛
    -Mii is definitely getting in, whether you like it or not. I don’t particularly want Mii in actually, but I am absolutely certain that it will be an option so there’s no point in fighting it.
    -AC Villager and Starfy were just added for diversity 😛 Batallion Soldiers is the coolest Bonus character ever. C’mon you want to believe 😛
    -Maxwell is totally a must for me, though Rocket is expendable. Chrono would be good too, but he’s not nearly as popular as he used to be (aka the 90s :P) so IDK. I’d prefer either of them over a generic Final Fantasy Black Mage or Chocobo though. Travis Touchdown is indeed the perfect Smasher and I think almost everybody wants him in lol.
    -I forgot about Capcom entries but I’ll add to that in V2.0 or something. I’d like Ryu to be in actually. Him and Megaman. Leon Kennedy would be nice but Nintendo wouldn’t like real guns in Smash, which is why they removed all of Snake’s realistic weaponry for his moveset. But I don’t know how Leon would do with laser guns and such… 😛

    Yeah wall of text reply to a wall of text reply 😛

  4. Metagross on said:

    So no opinion on Sora? Really a Final Fantasy character seems unlikely to me since Square sort of abandoned Nintendo in that area. Sora seems like a good idea for a Square character since he’s popular and actually on a NIntendo Console. And I see what you’re saying for the Mii, it seems like something Nintendo would do but I just have faith that they won’t. Mainly because I like to think they understand how important purity is to this game. I just don’t understand why you want these Retro Characters, I don’t see how they’re relevant and I frankly can’t imagine a Character select screen with them on it. And no… I don’t want Peppy… isn’t he all old and stuff. He dosen’t seem like a good fit. And, also even though Custom Robos are technically like 10 inches tall wouldn’t Ray 01 be awesome! And one more thing… It won’t happen… but Wes from Pokemon Coliseaum being a “skin” I guess for Pokemon Trainer…

    • thedude3445 on said:

      I have no opinion of Sora only because I haven’t played any of the KH games 😦 I have Chain of Memories for GBA but I don’t like it that much lol 😛

      I can’t explain my attraction towards retro and obscure characters I have no idea 😛

      Peppy is all old but he could literally do barrel rolls as an attack. The best joke character…. Well, Waluigi’s already taken that spot on my roster…. meh…

      Ray 01 from Custom Robo. That was actually one of my backup character nominees, along with Booster from SMRPG (IDK why lol I guess he could be an alternate costume of Wario?) and the Duck Hunt Dog. I would like to see him regular-sized but I’m not sure if they’d go through with that since his assist trophy was really tiny.

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  9. Jordan on said:


  10. pikachu427427 on said:

    Ok some of my takes on SSB4 for the mario charcters I would like to see all the pass veterans as well as for the new comers I would put in Geno(from mario RPG) and Paper Mario(from the Paper Mario series). I would’ent mind seeing Bowser Jr. for waluigi on the outher hand I could not care less about. For Donkey Kong both D.K. and Diddy Kong will make the cut. I can see King K. Rool makeing the cut.(I was surprised that he was not put in Donkey Kong Cross Country) Metroid charcters Samus and Zero Suit Samous are not going any where. For the newcomer for Metroid it would be very nice indeed to see Ridley as a playable charcater, but they would have to at least have to make him smaller than the boss Ridley from Brawl. The Zelda Series Keep all pass charcters and add Minda with Wolf Link as a charcter( love your idea for the finale smash by the way) and must likely yes they will put in Giraham from skyward sword.I would like to see them put young Link back in being able to turn to Skull Kid or Deku Link, the game designers could do alot with this charcter in my opinion. and last for the zelda charcters change Ganondorfs moveset he is just like a mid-evil version of Captian Falcon why not let him use his Twilight Sword? Pokemon I would love to see all the charcters back but Jigglypuff( why in the world did they keep her for all 3 games? I will never know. I would put all the past pokemon back which includs Mewtwo,Pichu,Lucario and Pokemon Trainer. I did not incluld Pikachu in the list because he will always be in the Smash Bros series no dought about it. I would personally like to see Minnum and Plusle as a team charcter simular to the Ice Climers. and most likely they are gonna add Zorack from the new generation of pokemon.( I thought your idea for the different generation trainers would be great , but i don’t think they are gonna do that) Star Fox I would like to see all the past charcters

  11. thedude3445 on said:

    I guess your comment cut off due to character space or something, but it is still a really cool list! I am surprised that this article is still pretty popular; I believe that it is my most-viewed article on my site. I am very glad that you made a response to it. Feel free to comment on any of my articles, and I encourage everyone to post their responses. But if you haven’t already seen, I posted a heavily-updated version of this roster list here:

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