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Middle School Stories: How the Firefly Came to Be

How the Firefly Came to Be
By Thedude3445
(Written in second semester 7th grade, probably around February 2008. It was a class assignment to create our own Greek myth of how a certain exotic animal came to be. For some reason I chose the firefly.)
It was the year 220 AD. Zeus was sleeping when a loud BANG woke him up. The new alarm system went off, warning the gods at Olympus about any catastrophic event on the Earth. A great war was ensuing in the land where Spain would eventually be. Barbarian Warriors were attacking the Romans to aquire their own kingdoms, so Zeus went down to the city of Madral, where a heated battle was taking place, to settle the conflict.
When he was there, instead of being hailed as the almighty and omnipotent god that he was, he was mistaken for another! He walked up to the people to ask them about this petty squabble, but they could only gasp, calling him such silly names as “Jupiter”. Had the people forgotten about the wrath of the gods this quickly? After their initial shock, many stopped paying attention to Zeus altogether, readying themselves for combat once again.
Finally, he saw the destruction once again entering Madral, and commanded both the barbarians and Romans to stop immediately. The leader of the Romans, Lumos, refused, so Zeus transformed his men into insects, and then tossed a lightning bolt into him. The bolt exploded in magic and flames engulfed the swarm of insects, causing them to glow with never-ending fire. Zeus contained them and called them fireflies.
Their descendants, though not entirely on fire, have a light on their backsides that glow forevermore, lighting the world on many a summer night.

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