The Evolution Revolution

My Dream Super Smash Bros. 4 Roster V2.0 (UPDATED 6-27) (UPDATED 7-1-12)

Thedude3445′s Dream SSB4 Roster V2.0
* Unlockable
+New Character
Plus their movesets and final smashes, well for most characters. I’m partial to transformations for final smashes, albeit non-invincible ones. I would really like to see a mode where you can permenantly play as each of the transformations in a battle, so it could be like Giga Bowser vs. Super Sonic vs. Fierce Diety Link.
All villains are unlockable because that would be awesome; unlocking a character after you defeat them in an epic boss battle.
68 characters, 33 newcomers, 35 returning. 4 transformation characters also. Originally 69 characters with 37 newcomers and 32 returning.
(this is actually slightly less than I was shooting for; 75 characters. But around there is fine. Remember that the iDensity Discs that the Wii U uses are 25GB, and that’s only single-layered; Brawl did double layer on the Wii discs, so SSB4 could do that on here too if it wants.)

  • a. Mario series-
  • 2. Mario
  • 3. Luigi
  • 4. Peach
  • 5. Bowser
  • 6. Geno (new)
  • 7. Paper Mario (new)
  • 8. Bowser Jr./Shadow Mario(new)
  • 9. DK Series
  • a. Donkey Kong
  • 10. Diddy Kong
  • 11. K. Rool(new)
  • Wario/Yoshi Series
  • 12. Yoshi
  • 13. Wario
  • 14. Waluigi
  • a. Zelda Series
  • 15. Link
  • 16. Zelda/Shiek
  • 17. Gannondorf
  • 18. Imp Midna & Wolf Link/Twilight Princess Midna(new)
  • 19. The villain from Skyward Sword(new)
  • a. Metroid Series
  • 20. Samus/Zero Suit Samus
  • 21. Ridley(new)
  • a. F-Zero Series
  • 22. Captain Falcon
  • 23. Black Shadow(new)
  • 24. Rick(new)
  • Kirby Series
  • 25. Kirby
  • 26. Meta-Knight
  • 27. Dedede
  • 28. Waddle Dee(new)
  • Star Fox Series
  • 29. Fox
  • 30. Falco
  • 31. Krystal(new)
  • 32. Wolf
  • Pokemon Series
  • 33. Pikachu
  • 34. Jigglypuff
  • 35. Plusle & Minun(new)
  • 36. Lucario(new)
  • 37. Mewtwo
  • 38. Zoark(new)
  • Fire Emblem Series
  • 39. Marth
  • 40. Ike
  • 41. Black Knight(new)
  • 42. Lyn(new)
  • 43. Eliwood(new)
  • 44. Hector(new)
  • Earthbound Series
  • 45. Ness
  • 46. Lucas
  • 47. ??? 3rd character (new)
  • Retro Series
  • 48. Balloon Fighter(new)
  • 49. Mach Rider(new)
  • 50. Pit
  • 51. Ice Climbers
  • 52. R.O.B.
  • 53. Little Mac(new)
  • 54. Mr. G&W
  • 55. Sukapon(new)
  • 56. Takamaru(new)
  • Modern Series
  • 57. Olimar
  • 58. Louie(new)
  • 59. Mii(new)
  • 60. Isaac(new)
  • 61. Battalion Soldiers(new)
  • 3rd Party
  • 62. Snake
  • 63. Sonic
  • 64. Travis Touchdown(new)
  • 65. Maxwell(new)
  • 66. Rocket(new)
  • 67. ??? Capcom Character(new)
  • 68. ??? Namco Character (New)

Mario Series—-
Mario– Duh.
His moveset is the exact same as in Brawl.
Final Smash- transforming into full-on Fire Mario. Like the final sprites in this sprite sheet: .
Luigi*- Duh. Unlockable because Luigi’s always an unlockable for some reason.
Luigi’s moveset is the same, except his down-B is the vacuum, which pulls enemies into his range and immobilizes them so he can pummel them.
Same Final smash… whatever it was….
Peach– She gets in once again.
Her moveset should be close to the same. I would like to see a Super Princess Peach move, using all of her “emotion powers”, but it’s not necessary.
Final Smash- Shadow Queen dangit! This would be completely amazing and completely fitting!
Bowser*- Why should we be able to play as a major villain from the start anyway?
Moeveset should be the same.
Final Smash- Giga Bowser.
+Geno*- He was one of the most-requested fighters for Brawl, and he will most likely be this time around as well. Geno would probably only be in if Sqeenix got some reps, though, IMO.
The smash moves would be short arm cannon punches, like Olimar’s short Pikmin throws compared to his Side B throw.
Up B- ???
B- Arm cannon. The hand will shoot out and then come straight back like a boomerang. Can charge it to make the attack’s length longer. It’s really fast, like 2 seconds, but Geno can’t jump while his arm is loose.
Side B- ???
Down B- ???
Final Smash: Turns everyone into the scarecrows that were status effects from SMRPG for 10-15 seconds. They have no recoil but they also can’t move and take double damage, so he can deal massive damage (by hitting their weak points for it).

+Paper Mario*- He is different enough from regular Mario to be his own character.
His smash moves would be hammer swings.
Up B- Folds into a paper airplane to glide. It’s really hard to control but it’s very effective. Does damage when it hits someone, and he can unfold himself when B is pressed again.
B- Hammer throw
Side B- He twists himself up and then does a spin dash attack.
Down B- Does the ground pound from the original.
No idea about the final smash o.o
+Bowser Jr./Shadow Mario*- He’s appeared in every main Mario game since Sunshine, and nearly every spinoff, so he should definitely be in the next Smash.
As Bowser Jr.
A smashes are mostly the same as Bowser’s, but weaker of course. Some of his smashes use the paintbrush.
Up B- The shell spin like Bowser’s Up B.
B- Fireball. It flies straight, like Bowser’s fireballs in the original Super Mario Bros. Charge the move to create a longer fireball.
Side B- He slashes, like Bowser’s Side B, but he slashes several times in quick succession, but with less damage per slash.
Down B- transform into Shadow Mario.
As Shadow Mario
A Smashes are Mario’s, but with a paintbrush that makes his range longer.
Up B- Mario’s, but with the paintbrush.
B- Muck fireball: bounces like Mario’s, and when it hits the ground, it causes the ground to be slippery like ice.
Side B- A charge paintbrush slash. The longer the charge, the more times he slashes.
Down B- transform into Bowser Jr.
Final Smash- He summons an Airship that hovers above the stage that will shoot cannonballs. Koopatrolls and other enemies will jump down and attack.
Donkey Kong Series—–
DK- duh.
Same Moveset once again,
Final Smash- Giga Donkey Kong; DK needs a Giga form too D=
Diddy– duh.
Same moveset, same final smash.
+K. Rool*- One of the biggest requests for Brawl once again, and also one of the best villains in Nintendo.
Smash moves will vary using moves from all 3 of his forms: K. Rool, Captain K. Rool, and K. Roolenstein.
Up B- Belly flop/jump.
B- Fires that giant gun.
Side B- boxing glove uppercut.
Down B- Summons a Kremling to attack for 3-4 seconds.
no idea about his final smash o.o
Yoshi/Wario Series—–
Yoshi– duh. Same moveset and final smash, but not invincible.
Wario*- duh. Same moveset and Final Smash, but not invincible.
+Waluigi*- The best joke character ever.
A smashes are like the other Plumbers’, but he also has his tennis racket to use.
Up B- jump/flail. Even sillier than Luigi’s.
B- Charges forward, chomping his teeth in hopes of biting other players. You can charge this move so that he can run longer…. And bite harder I guess?
Side B- Does the rocket that Luigi does, but in a much sillier fashion.
Down B- Claps his hands together. It creates a really small shockwave that deals damage, but foes can also get caught in the clap and get flattened like a cartoon character. It immobilizes the enemy for quite a few seconds.
Final Smash How about Super Waluigi, like Wario’s? But really terrible; he’s so fast he’s almost impossible to control. He also wears and outfit reminiscent of the Village People policeman; the totally gay one. 😛
Zelda Series——
Link– Skyward Sword Style.
Same moveset, Final Smash: Fierce Diety Link FTW!
Zelda/Shiek*- Same everything.
But what about having to unlock Shiek? That would be interesting. Otherwise Zelda’s Down B wouldn’t do anything.
Gannondorf*- Severely de-cloned.
He can pull out his sword for some A smashes.
Up B- He crouches and then jumps up, lookin’ all evil and such. The crouch can charge for a higher jump/stronger attack. If he hits an enemy it does heavy electric damage.
B- Warlock punch, but he slashes with his sword instead of punching. Still does fire damage.
Side B- Same move.
Down B- stomps. It creates a large shockwave of purple fire.
Another potential Down B- He kicks the ground and a ball of white energy, like the one from his final boss fight in Ocarina of Time, comes up and he shoots it forward. Players can counter it back at him to do double damage, but it’s hard to do.
Final Smash- Ganon as a transformation, not an attack like in Brawl.
+Imp Minda-Wolf Link/Twilight Princess Midna*- One of the most popular Zelda characters in a long, long, time. Just go to Deviantart and you’ll see. She’s even the Trope Image for video game Dark Horse Ensembles on TVTropes.
As an Imp/Wolf
A smashes are all Wolf Link attacks.
Up B- Midna’s arm hand thing reaches upwards. If it grabs a Smasher, it acts just like a regular grapple attack (aka Z).
B- Midna’s arm hand thing punches really hard.
Side B- ???
Down B- Transforms into Twilight Princess Midna.
As Twilight Princess Midna
Her A smashes are a lot like Zelda’s, but more combat-y and less magic-y.
Up B- ???
B- ???
Side B- ???
Down B- Transforms into Imp Midna/Wolf Link.
Final Smash: transform into that giant battle spider thing!
+The villain from Skyward Sword*
I can already tell that he’s going to be a character worth remembering for years to come. Probably.

(Retrospective: Still haven’t played Skyward Sword so I can’t judge this)
Metroid Series——-
Samus/ZSS– Same everything.
+Ridley*- He is NOT too large; he can be resized. He’s only about twice as large as Samus in the original Metroid and in the Melee opening cutscene; that’s almost small enough. He’s still the largest character by far, however, and also pretty slow.
Can jump 4 times before needing to use Up B.
A Smash- Lots of Claw slashes. With his Side Smash, he chomps at foes.
Up B- flaps his wings really fast. He doesn’t really get much vertical motion with this attack, but if you time it right he can start gliding.
B- ~He whips his tail back and forth~ Will continue to do it as long as you hold B.
Side B- That fly-spin thing that he does as a boss in Brawl. It’s basically Meta-Knight’s without the tornado or sword. If he comes in contact with someone, he will grab the person, stop, and throw them on the ground.
Down B- Sort of like Dedede’s Down B jump, except shorter and more attack-based.
Final Smash- Meta Ridley? Robo-Ridley? That Ridley from Metroid Fusion? Any of them would work.
This list was predictable because Metroid has so few characters lol.

F-Zero Series——-

Captain Falcon*- of course. Back and better than ever.
Same moveset. Buff the Falcon Punch though! It was severely lacking in power in Brawl!
Final Smash: Doing a version of the Falcon Punch from the anime (; he punches his target, pausing the action, but then it goes back to the gameplay and a giant beam of energy shoots out above and below him (like how the galaxy is exploding in the anime), damaging anyone above/below him.
+Black Shadow*- Because he is the best villain in F-Zero. Suck it Zoda! Also suck it weird villain guy from GX. You sucked too. The only thing that sucks about Black Shadow is his generic name.
He takes some of Gannondorf’s spot as the slow Captain Falcon, though still not a clone. Because clones suck just as much as Zoda and weird villain guy from GX.
A smashes are a lot like Captain Falcon, but more punches and less kicks.
Up B- Same as Falcon’s/Gannondorf’s old one.
B- Falcon Punch, but he punches downward at an angle.
Side B- Headbutt. I was also listening to Tavros’s theme dESPERADO ROCKET CHAIRS, from the Homestuck album Alternia when I thought of this. Black Shadow has those cool horns, so he should use them in a constructive manner. 😛
Down B- What about doing that “power-up” move that everyone in Dragon Ball Z does? They just shout and this aura explodes around them. That would be pretty cool. Of course he could also do Gannondorf’s original Down B, which is a stomp with a fiery shockwave.
Final Smash: The opposite of the ultimate Falcon Punch; he jumps at the target, grabs them, punches them in the stomach (provided they have one), and throws them down at high speed, almost always resulting in a KO if they’re over an edge.
+Rick (???)*- Since there haven’t been any F-Zero games since F-Zero Climax for the GBA, we have no way of knowing if the anime was actually canon or not. I’m assuming it is, and that Rick would be a lot like Captain Falcon, but less fire attacks and more guns.
A Smashes would be punches and hitting people with the butt of his (laser) gun.
Up B- Captain Falcon’s Side B, but with a jump instead of a dash.
B- Shooting his (laser) gun. Can charge for a bigger (laser) blast.
Side B- Captain Falcon’s Side Smash, where he kicks several times and moves, except with a longer movement and more powerful.
Down B- Captain Falcon’s, but no fire and he also shoots his gun forward while sliding.
Final Smash- Captain Falcon armor begins flying around and attaching to him (if it hits someone else it does like 3-5% damage). Once it’s done, he looks like the next-gen Captain Falcon (if people could be upgraded), and then he does a giant Falcon Punch to the ground and flames shoot straight up. It would be like the Pokeball attack Entei from Melee does, but much more powerful and shorter.
Kirby Series——-
Kirby– Same moveset.
Final Smash: Turns into the Galactic Knight guy from Kirby Super Star Ultra. Completely awesome.
Meta-Knight– Same everything. Nerf him please though.
Dedede*- same everything. Now unlockable because he is a villain.
+Waddle Dee*?- He’s the 4th player in the upcoming Kirby Wii. If it proves popular enough, maybe he’ll get in. If not, then Gooey will probably get in instead. Unlockable because you would have to beat his final smash form in the story to unlock him.
A attacks are much like Kirby’s except he also has a fan that he can use.
Up B- Waddle Dee tries to fly as hard as he can, but fails. It still gets some height though. Then he gets his parasol out and floats down.
B- Suddenly gets Waddle Doo powers and shoots a laser. Can Charge for power, of course.
Side B- Uses the parasol as a drill as he tunnels forward. It’s a lot like Meta- Knight’s Side B but way less movement.
Down B-Megaton punch!!!!111 When he hits the ground, he hurts his hand really bad and has some recoil damage and is also vulnerable for 1-2 seconds. But it’s actually really powerful.
Final Smash- Gets possessed by the Dark Matter and can do awesome attacks as the Dark Matter King. I think this has some basis in the Kirby series, but I really can’t remember as it has been so long since I’ve played one.
Star Fox Series——-
Fox– Same Moveset, but Final Smash- Turns into James McFreakingCloud. In addition to a huge long scarf that is like a cape and awesome shades, he dual-wields guns and is much more powerful/faster. This can either be his father or the F-Zero one. I don’t really care. 😛
Falco*-Because he was the original clone. …Besides Luigi.
Same movest, but Final Smash- Hops in an Arwing and gets to blast at foes from offscreen, sort of like Snake’s Final Smash in Brawl. Except with lasers and no obscuring the screen.
+Krystal*- Also one of the most-requested Smashers not to get in.
A Smashes would primarily use her staff.
Up B- Just a normal third jump with her staff that can be used for tethering.
B- Shoots gun. She can’t do it in rapid succession, so it’s like Wolf’s gun.
Side B- A really fierce staff slash. She also jumps before slashing.
Down B- A crystal forms around her and immobilizes her. But she’s nearly impenetrable (takes 75% less damage and no recoil), and the crystal explodes after the attack is done (4-5 seconds I guess, however long Jigglypuff’s sleep attack is). You can also manually end the attack after 2 seconds to catch nearby opponents off-guard.
Final Smash- Gets on her pterodactyl and soars around at insane speeds, like Lyn’s Assist Trophy attack from Brawl, except controllable.
Wolf*- Same moveset and same final smash. Of course the Landmaster is nerfed so it can be less completely overpowering.
Pokémon Series——–
Pikachu– Same moveset. Final Smash would definitely have to be evolving into Raichu.
Jigglypuff*- Same everything.
+Plusle & Minun*- They were scrapped Brawl characters, so I would assume that they will probably get in this time around. Minun acts as the CPU to Plusle, the PC, like with the Ice Climbers, so all moves are supposed to have both combined.
Their A attacks are just like Pikachu’s.
Up B- Minun throws Plusle up like a rocket (fastball special!), doing electric damage to all hit.
B- Pikachu’s Electric attack, but they shoot lightning at opposite sides and anyone who touches them during this attack will get shocked.
Side B- They clap hands and do a spinning attack that’s like an electric top.
Down B- Both will do separate thunders at once. For once it’s good to have them separate.
Pikachu’s from Brawl except somewhat different; like 2 sparks flying around, orbiting each other as they smack into opponents.
I thought it would be pretty awesome story-wise to have all 3 of the psychic Pokémon, aka the 3 that have been shown to be able to talk in the anime, be in the game and then eventually end up duking it out in a 3-way fight. All 3 have similar movesets but their play styles are crazy different.
Lucario*- Pretty much the same.
Mewtwo*- Finally back in, but modified so he could suck less.
His moveset would be pretty similar to his previous one. Differences:
B- He will charge up two different shadow balls and then you can launch both of them separately or at the same time.
Side B- I actually don’t remember what his Side B is, but it could be changed to a psychic punch kind of attack maybe?
Down B- He will psychically pick up a nearby item/person in front of him. You can move it around with the control stick and bash it into people or fling it into a character or into a pit. The latter is better for picking up other smashers. But this psychic control only lasts a few seconds, shorter if you have a character that’s struggling, so you have to act quickly! It also does minimal damage by itself; only 2 or 3%.

Final Smash- Tons of random objects, including items, rocks, enemies, and some hidden joke stuff, will fly from offscreen to a big pyscic pile right above him and then form a circle and spin around, going faster and faster, until suddenly zooming around the stage at insane speeds, knocking into other smashers. Very hard to dodge.
+Zorark*- automatic shoe-in. Illusion ability. Seriously. His moves are very tricky and can do some extreme mindgames, though he himself isn’t very strong.
A smashes would be like Lucario’s, but he can change into the other players and perform their smashes if he charges the smash long enough. That means he could do both Ness’s bat and Mario’s fire punch in the same battle. He is basically Shang Tsung except only with the abilities of the other 3 combatants.
Up B- Just like Shiek’s Up B ninja poof, except when he’s invisible, there will be an illusion of him standing at a random spot near where he poofed.
B- Shadow Ball, except he can throw it in any 4 directions, and two shadow balls will launch; one real, and one illusion ball that goes the opposite direction. Not as strong as the other two’s Shadow Balls of course.
Side B- he creates a copy of himself (up to 2 copies can be on the field at the same time) that will repeat the last 2-3 seconds of action that the real Zoark did. He can’t do any damage, but there’s almost no animation for the copy creation, so it will be hard for other players to discern who the real one is for a couple seconds.
Down B- Counter. If he counters an attack, he’ll summon 2 illusion clones of himself to punch the attacker from different directions (then fade away immediately).
Final Smash would be switching all of the opponents’ characters for 10-15 seconds. So if you had Zoark, Luigi, Mach Rider, and Marth, then Luigi could become Marth, and both Mach Rider and Marth could become Luigi, in a completely random fashion. The problem would be one-on-one matches. I guess that the opponent would just become another Zoark.

Fire Emblem Series——
Marth*- Same everything.
Ike*- Now in Vanguard Class from Radiant Dawn. Complete with the ear ring. He’s also a lot faster now since he’s much stronger and can actually hold his sword. His moves are the exact same, though.
+Black Knight*- The main villain of the Tellius series is also an extremely sympathetic character with tons of fans; he’s the most prominent Fire Emblem villain out of the whole series; how many non-Fire Emblem fans actually know who Nergal or Ashnard are? Also one of the most-requested characters to get into Brawl that didn’t. He’s the slowest character by far, but his defenses are amazing and he is really powerful.
A moves are generic sword swinging and slicing and slashing. His side smash is a smaller version of his B.
Up B- he uses his sword as a springboard to jump really high. Then the sword transports back into his hands, of course.
B- He slashes the ground and a beam shoots out in front of him, just like his regular ranged move.
Side B- He throws his sword in one direction. It goes to a certain point and then just spins in mid-air, so then he does this really fast dash and catches it. It’s like a horizontal Aether.
Down B- Black Knight stabs the ground, planting all nearby opponents into the ground, like DK’s Side B does.
Final Smash- He stabs the ground with his sword, and then his armor bursts apart (with Ashera in the background like with Palutena in Pit’s final smash) so he is completely exposed, and his armor re-forms into a sword. He’s just as powerful, but now he’s much faster and his sword is even longer. But his defenses are also really low so idiots can easily get him killed. This could also be a permanent transformation like Samus/ZSS, maybe? It’s the same moveset so it wouldn’t be that hard to do…
+Lyn– Seriously, she’s the best female lord in Fire Emblem, and part of the most popular game in the series. She was even an assist trophy! She will surely get in this. She has the speed of Shiek, but is a sword/bow user.
A smashes are generic sword moves.
Up B- Marth’s Up B.
B- Shoots a bow. She’s the fastest bow user in the game, but her bows are the weakest, and will automatically release after being charged for just a couple seconds.
Side B- Her attack animation in her second class, where she disappears like a ninja and then does 3 slashes, then disappears and returns to her normal spot. Like a boomerang version of Shiek/Zoark’s Up B.
Down B- Counter. She kicks the attacker. Doesn’t send them flying, but that way she can deliver more blows to them herself.
Final Smash- Does her Brawl assist trophy move, except much more powerful.
+Eliwood*- Yeah he is a lot like Roy, except older, considering he’s Roy’s dad. But the main difference between them is that Eliwood is on a horse (not backwards). Not that big.
A attacks are horse stomps and awesome slashes. His side smash is a horse kick for sure.
Up B- The horse bucks Eliwood up and then disappears. If Eliwood hits land, then the horse will return almost instantly. If somebody hits Eliwood before he touches the ground, then Eliwood will take more damage than normal.
B-How about Roy’s flame slash? That’d be cool.
Side B- ???
Down B- ???
Final Smash- His FE 7 critical.
+Hector*- If you have two of them, then you have to complete the FE 7 trio. Actually, Eliwood was my third pick, because Hector is the only axe lord and would be much cooler than Eliwood anyway. He’s slow, probably as slow as Gannondorf, but extremely powerful.
A attacks are generic sword slashes…. Except he has an axe.
Up B- Targeted axe-throw; it will hit anyone near him. He also doesn’t fall while his axe isn’t in his hands, but it’s not good as a recovery move.
B-Hand Axe throw. Extremely fast and powerful, but Hector can’t move while he doesn’t have his axe.
Side B- Does a Spin, and then when it’s over he slams the ground.
Down B- Slams the ground, which makes him jump up like Zero Suit Samus’s Down B. This is his recovery move, as he can do it on thin air as well. It will stun opponents too close to it.
Final Smash- Does a critical Hand Axe throw.
I really like this Fire Emblem roster, but I do know that Michiah from Radiant Dawn has a very good chance to get in, and then by extension so does Sothe. But I feel that FE 7 is much more important than any of the other games, and does indeed deserve 3 reps.
Earthbound Series——-
Ness*- Same

+Who could be the third Earthbound character? Claus could but there are definitely enough sword users in this roster already. There’s also Pokey in Earthbound form, and Paula, though she would likely just be a clone of Ness. Poo would be good, but is also a sword user. Jeff… Nah. There’s more than enough characters in all 3 games to get somebody good and diverse. Flint, anybody?
+Balloon Fighter-A scrapped Melee character. Obscure by all means, but I still think he would be an amazing smasher. He can infinitely jump, controlling just like he does in Balloon Fight, but his balloons can also be popped so he can’t even fly at all.
A smashes- Side would be a two handed push that could, well, push enemies, down smash would be a kick from him doing the splits (as far as he can before dying at least :P). Up smash would be him throwing himself in the air and floating for a second.
Up B- ???
B- He uses a slingshot. Charge, duh.
Side B- He throws out a green balloon in front of him. It can be used as a shield and it also acts like a bumper to enemy players.
Down B- His balloons jet up into the air with all of the force that they can. Also really fast. He can charge the move up to be more powerful. If he doesn’t have 2 balloons, he will have to use Up B to pump new ones up.
Final Smash: turns into a buff anime guy (the size of Ike) with 3 (!!!) balloons and insane power. This would be a hilarious transformation very fitting of any Smash game.

+Mach Rider*- Out of any old Nintendo title that could be rebooted, I firmly believe that Mach Rider is the best choice. So putting him in Smash like they did with Pit would be a great choice (retrospective: Kid Icarus Uprising was awesome no matter what you say). His game is set in this post apocalyptic world so you know he’s gotta have an awesome arsenal. In my imagination, his main weapon is a gun (probably a concussion gun because Nintendo hates bullets :P) that can split in half to form two swords. It’s Sort of like Terezi’s not-cane. When he splits his gun in half, it takes a few frames, but he’s very versatile. He’s also pretty slow due to a lot of armor (in this reboot version).
A smashes are a mixture of punches and sword slices.
Up B- Extra jump. Flames glow on the back of his suit, so it’s sort of a jetpack? It only lasts for a few seconds though.
B- Gun blasts. Either Fox-like (push rapidly) or a charge. IDK.
Side B- He gets on his bike. It’s much cooler than Wario’s, because it has a gun that you can shoot with by pressing A.
Down B- Counter. When he counters, he grapples the character and then lets them go as he slices them up.
Final Smash- ???
Pit– Same everything, except replace that crappy Side B move with an awesome gun from Kid Icarus: Uprising. Seriously. Some staff or claw action would be good too, maybe as A Smashes.
Ice Climbers– Exact. Same. Everything. They are a character that doesn’t really need any modifying from game to game.
ROB*- Same. The final smash could be less idiotic this time, but I have no clue what it could be changed to.
+Little Mac– Pretty much the perfect fighter. Duh.
A Smashes are lots of punches, duh. He barely even uses his feet, since he’s a boxer. Yes I stole that idea from Balrog.
Up B- Shoryuken!!! Sorta.
B- Punch. The longer you charge it, the more punches you can do, up to like 5.
Side B- Does a roll. Easy to dodge others with, and to get across the stage fast.
Down B- ???
Final Smash is Giga Mac. ‘Nuff Said.
Mr. Game and Watch*- The same. The Octopus could be changed I guess but other than his final smash he is fine.
Next two don’t have movesets yet because I have almost no clue about their games:
+Sukapon*- Joy Mech Fight was one of Nintendo’s first fighters and was a whole lot like Smash Bros. He is basically the daddy of the series!
+Takamaru*-The best Samurai ever; comes with a Panda alternate costume (Show Me Your News inside joke)
Olimar– Same everything.
+Louie*- He’d be basically the Luigi-fied version of Olimar, with slightly different attacks and a different control method.

A attacks- pretty much the same as Olimar. For his side smash, he throws the Pikmin a lot longer than Olimar.
All of his B moves are mostly the same except for:
Side B- He can charge the throw and aim how high or low he throws each Pikmin.
Down B- He dismisses all of his Pikmin. They just stand there until an enemy gets near, or until Louie comes in contact with them again.
Final Smash-Gets on the Titan Dweevil and controls it. Because he is evil and we all know it…. O_O
+Mii– Duh. With the 3DS version focusing on RPG elements, the Mii will definitely be in and will have a customizable moveset. No matter how stupid of an idea it would be.
+Isaac*- Except in his Dark Dawn form, which means 40 years old and extremely awesome.
Moveset- ??? I haven’t played enough of Golden Sun to know exactly what moves he could have.
+Batallion Soldiers*- From Batallion Wars; a group of 4 short guys, each in the foot classes of the game; soldier, mech, flamethrower, and bazooka. You play as a cursor that commands them around with the attacks. Like a cross between Olimar and Ice Climbers. This would take full advantage of the touchscreen capabilities of both the Wii U and 3DS, something that the rest of the game is likely not to do.
A selects a character (and holding A then dragging can select multiple characters). You command them with the B moves:
Up B tells them to Attack. They’ll attack a selected enemy or just generally attack a nearby enemy.
B tells them to travel to a certain location that you selected. Otherwise it’s just “roam”.
Side B tells them to halt and defend in the direction that you press B with.
Down B tells them to… ???

But because you can control each of the units separately, you could be invincible if you are fast enough and smart enough. The enemies can’t see who you’re selecting on the touchscreen, so you can be really sneaky about it too.
3rd Party (no movesets yet)——
Snake*- Same? I would like to see Old Snake in here somehow, though probably just as an alt. costume I guess.
Sonic*- Same moveset, but Change Super Sonic into something that’s actually beatable or at least dodgeable, please. That thing was annoying and probably the reason final smashes were banned from tournaments (if they were more balanced I am sure that some tournaments would have allowed them)
+Travis Touchdown*- Complete epic win, that’s all.
+Maxwell*- From Scribblenauts. The series is hugely popular and he fits right in with the Nintendo cast. An infinite amount of possible moves.
+Rocket*- AKA the Blue Slime from Dragon Quest. The mascot of the series. With Nintendo’s huge partnership with Squeenix to make this series, this seems pretty obvious.
+Someone Capcom– Either Megaman, Zero, Ryu or Leon Kennedy. Pick one, because they’re all awesome. I’m hoping for Ryu personally.

+A Namco Character– Nacmo is helping Sora with the development of this game. There will be a Namco character in here somewhere, whether it be Klonoa, Pac-Man, or a character from Soul Calibur.

Roy– With Eliwood being in, Roy becomes completely useless. He wasn’t all that popular anyway.

Toon Link– Unncecessary clone.
Pokemon Trainer. I think he should skip out on the regular roster, but then come back as DLC. But not just him, but 5; 1 for each generation.

1= Squirtle/Ivysaur/Charizard,

2= Chikorita/Quilava/Feraligatr,

3= Treeko/Marshstomp/Blaziken,

4= Chimchar/Prinplup/Torrterra,

5= Tepig/Servine/Samurott.

I would also love each of the Pokemon Trainers to get a transformation type final smash where they turn into legendaries from each respective generation: 1= The three birds (except not sucky like in Melee) 2=The three dogs 3=The Regis 4= The three spirit… things 5= The 3 legendary… I don’t know what they are but it’s Cobalion and the gang.
+Metagross*- YES. HELL FREAKING YES. Final Smash is meteor mash and you know it.
… Not really 😛
Peppy– Surely a great WTF character, but only if SF643D sells well (retrospective: it sold pretty well). Which it will duh FS- hops in the Blue Marine (This is a WTF character ), still onscreen, and can shoot at people around the stage.


There. Version 2 of the list is pretty complete. I find it much better than the original actually. Not many character changes, and no additions, but it’s still extremely solid, in my opinion. Any critiques or comments would be highly appreciated, including suggestions for more characters. Helping out with those ??? moves would be nice too. Assist Trophies, Pokeball Pokémon, and Stages will be next!

UPDATE 7-1-12: I have updated this page, revising some of the annoying 16-year old typing styles, making the wall of text easier to read by bolding different sections, and adding the fact that there will be a Namco character. I am still sticking to this roster, even over a year later.

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11 thoughts on “My Dream Super Smash Bros. 4 Roster V2.0 (UPDATED 6-27) (UPDATED 7-1-12)

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  6. thedude3445 on said:

    I am still very proud of this list and how much work I put into it. I hope that the final roster looks very similar to this, even a year later!

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  8. Hey, nice list. I personally would love to see Zero from Capcom represented in SSB4. Also, I think that if they added a character from Soul Calibur, it would most likely be Nightmare, though I’d like to see Talim or Amy as an inclusion. I’m not sure that Pac-Man would work in Super Smash Brothers–he has an obvious final smash, but I think his move set would be pretty limited, considering his shape. Cool post 🙂

    • thedude3445 on said:

      That’s my problem with Pac-Man, too. It will probably end up being Nightmare (at the time of writing I was so tired that I could not even remember his name lol), but there could even be multiple characters considering they are a full-fledged part of the team, unlike Konami and Sega were for Brawl.

  9. This design is steller! You definitely know how to
    keep a reader amused. Between your wit and
    your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Great job.
    I really loved what you had to say, and more than that,
    how you presented it. Too cool!

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