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Faygo Flavor Reviews: Pineapple Orange

Pinapple Orange. A very odd combination. But whatever. The real oddity is its taste; it’s pure tanginess; no finesse or excitement; like an action movie, except it’s a soda drink; a soda drink that has a pretty bad aftertaste; one that I give a 2.5 out of 5 hats to keep it real.

The Great Faygo Ramraid of 2011

I got some Faygo today.

this is my story

ShIt MaN, i GuEsS i Am BeIn AlL hErE aNd ShIt.

NoW wHeRe Is ThAt MoThErFuCkIn ElIxEr.

ThErE iT mOtHeRfUcKiN iS! HoNK :o)


GoT iT bRo! :oD TwElVe DiFfeReNt KiNdS!

YeAh BrO, tImE tO aBsCoNd WiTh ThEsE mOtHeRfUcKiN dRiNkS.

Watch “MSPA: Homestuck Trailer” on YouTube

Homestuck Wallpaper

I made this a couple weeks ago but never posted it. Well here it is! It’s really big, so the site cuts it off; I’ll provide a direct link below.

Holy Crap
Direct Link:

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