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More New 52 #1 Opinions

I have aquired a few more #1 comics from DC’s New 52.

Justice League: Wow I love Jim Lee. His art is pretty much perfect forever. Yeah the writing is good too whatever. but DAT ART.
Justice League Dark: I… am not sure what this was all about. Not in the slightest. But I do know that creepy cynical stuffis bedt left with Marvel.
Blackhawks: Just… pretty dumb.
Green Lantern: Luckily, I read War of the Green Lanterns Aftermatb before this, so I understood what was going on and it was pretty awesome.

And a couple #1s for limited series in the reboot universe, but not actually part of the New 52.

Huntress: This is either going to suck hard or be awesome. Cannot tell as of yet.
The Shade: confusing, but that last page plot twist was insane!

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