The Evolution Revolution

New Vegas Hardcore Mode Part 1

Okay, for my character, I have picked out a very deformed Asian American man with a very ridiculous haircut. All of my stats are at 5, except for my strength which is at 10 (so I can hold more crap). I picked the bonus on the skills that let me get filled up on food and drink faster, and bartering of course (I am a huge loot whore). My perks are fast shot, and wild wasteland because it sounds interestimg. Now lets start the game!

Okay so I talk to the robot Victor guy, who I am bored by almost instantly. So I begin wandering aimlessly and stumble upon Victor’s Shack (why do robots have shacks). I loot it to death. Nothing really that interesting in there. I do find some food to steal from a farmer, but not much else in this little town. So I leave.
I see a city in the distance that I think I should probably travel to. But there are these gecko things running around, and monsters mean two things: more loot and more XP. That is much more important than some “main quest”. I fight the little bastards for a while, until I run out of ammo and my health gets low and I decide to go to the city and try to find some way to heal. But when I get there, there is this soldier guy that starts yelling at me. Who’s this douchebag? He warns me of something bad, which obviously means I have to go in. I contemplate punching him, but my health is too low. But when I return… he better be ready.

I go into the city and almost immediately, guys start shooting at me. So what do I do? The thing that is most natural; I run. I barely escape with my life, not to mention the head and arm injuries I receive. NOW how am I going to get healed? I have to see a doctor to get rid of my injuries, since I don’t have any doctor’s bags. Well I just head back to Goodsprings, and go back to the doctor that I met at the beginning of the game. It takes a while, but I make it there. The problem is that I don’t have any money. Even with the loot I sell to him, I barely have enough just to buy a doctor’s bag. So I begin stealing everything out of the guy’s house. It isn’t deemed illegal, so it’s not like I am doing anything wrong. I begin to feel bad for taking his entire library of books, but then I remember that he is a game NPC and he doesn’t actually have feelings.
I loot everywhere I can on Goodsprings for the next hour or so. Do a few sidequests. Nothing too interesting. I did wander and get killed by some giant scorpions, but that is a tale for another day. Like one where I talk about how much I suck at combat.

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