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Waiting at the Comic Book Store

I went to the Comic Book store at 11 AM yesterday, hoping to get all of the latest of the New 52 as soon as the store opened. But when I got there, it said that it didn’t open until 12:30. This was the beginning of my penultimate journey for new comics.

I came back around 12:45 or 1 PM, when it was finally open, but guess what? The comics were not out yet. The lady working the store said that it could be a while, but I did not want to waste even more gas going home and coming back again. So I waited.

Hour 1- I fiddled around on my phone, went on Facebook, wrote that New 52 Part 2 article. They put a few comics out on the table that I could read, but no DC just yet.
There was a new limited series called Avengers 1959 that I skimmed. It didnt look too good, and I am not even sure it it was an alternate universe or canonical.
Then my phone hit the 15% power mark and I couldn’t even play Angry Birds. I had to put it on airplane mode and keep it powered down. But it couldn’t be much longer, could it? It could.

Hour 2- I began reading some of the Trade Paperbacks that they had in the back. They were mostly very old, and the dust covering many of them was proof of that.
First I skimmed the Essential Defenders. The Defenders is the C-List team of Marvel Comics. You know how a lot of the Avengers are already C-List characters without a solo series? These guys are the Avengers REJECTS. Think about that for a moment. It did have Hulk, Dr. Strange, and Silver Surfer sometimes (it was a rotating cast. Changed members more often than the Mighty Avengers), but pretty much nobody else. But there is one thing that is good; at least they aren’t the New Warriors!
I later skimmed Green Lantern: Rebirth, which sucked because it retconned Parallax so that it wasn’t just Hal Jordan going insane, and Spider-Man by JMS volume 1, which contained the 9/11 tribute issue and the issue where Peter tells Aunt May that he is Spider-Man. Damn that boy can write. I have loved literally everything he has ever written. Fantastic 4, The Twelve, Thor, of course Babylon 5, you name it.
I then got so bored that I re-read Scott Pilgrim volume 5, aka Vs. The Universe. But that only took about 15 minutes because those books are really fast reads! It did remind me why Scott Pilgrim is my second favorite work of fiction though (Homestuck is first of course).
I skimmed Neon Evangelion Saga volume 2, and it looked peetty dumb. Why was he going to school instead of fighting robots in a post apocalyptic world? I have only ever seen the first few episodes of the anime so I have no idea what I am talking about.

Hour 3- I finally got up to see if they were done, and they were. It was about 3:30, but I was still really excited about getting to read Justice League 2, Legion of Superheroes 2, Green Lantern Corps 2, plus Fear Itself 7 and Fear Itself: The Fearless. Totally worth the wait.

Also: I am going to do articles on Fear Itself when I get there in my Marvel readthrough. I am still on Heroic Age, meaning I still have to read Shadowland and Chaos War before getting to it, but I am still very close.

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One thought on “Waiting at the Comic Book Store

  1. thedude3445 on said:

    I wrote this all on my phone, as you can tell. Otherwise I would have gone into much more insane detail about these mundane comics.

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