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Crappy Movie Night

Every couple of weeks, my friends and I watch a few really terrible movies together.

This week was Superhero Movies. We watched:

Superman 4: this movie was so bad, the first line of the commentary track was an insult to the film. I have never laughed at the cheesiness of any movie… yet.

Catwoman. Was so bad. It wasnt even funny most of the movie. It was just bad.

Elektra: same. The lesbian necrophillia scene caught me offguard though, and so did the singular shuriken that blew up the entire house.

Daredevil: It wasnt that bad in the beginning. I could really see how the Directors Cut could make it a good movie. But… it got worse. It just got incredibly boring. But Colin Farrel as Bullseye (with a stuttering speech impediment it seems) was great.

Overall is wasnt the worst group of movies; it was just boring. Maybe next week!

I was going to make a post but then I got distracted by TVtropes because of the Top Searches for this blog:
shadow y amy comic
comics de amy house.,
why is batwoman so pale
mk living forest

it’s the batwoman one’s fault.

The Losers #something

hey, doesn't Dinosaur Comics do some great alt. text?

yaoi fangirls are funny when they make fanart of this… uhh caliber.

Why I haven’t posted in a while

-School Stuff
-[S] Cascade
-My birthday on Wednesday
-[S] Cascade
-Battlefield 3

that is basically it.

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