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DC New 52: New Batch

I bought $48 of more DC New 52 comics, and here’s my opinions on them!

-All-Star Western: This is really cool and interesting.

-Detective Comics: I know I haven’t read issue 1, but I got it up to #5 and I gave in to the pressure 😛 It is good, I guess? Not too remarkable, but it sure is better than The Dark Knight.

-Action Comics: This is such a cool comic; that is all I can say.
-Justice League: This comic was out of print at the local comic shop for months; I even already had #4 and #5 (I subscribed after issue 4. Issue 5 isn’t actually out yet as the time of this writing), but #3 was nowhere to be found, up until the last time I went! Of course this time there were 3 copies. I really like this comic, and the art is basically the best. Only Action Comics could potentially have better art out of any of the comics in the DC New 52.
-Detective Comics: The puppet thing is so creepy.
-Swamp Thing: Oh… Looks like I forgot to get issue 3 of Swamp Thing and went straight to Issue 4. And I didn’t notice because this comic is basically just some flashbacks or something. I can say that there is a plant dinosaur in this issue and that is the best part of the whole New 52 so far.
-Superman: the intro thing at the beginning was really cool, with how it connected Action Comics to modern day-set comics. I’m not sure about the whole monster-of-the-week thing.

-Justice League: DARKSEID!!! (spoiler alert)
-Action Comics: I yawned during the Steel backup story. Why didn’t they just insert the Steel fight into the actual comic? Steel’s inner thoughts were really unnecessary.
-Detective Comics: augh joker puppets O_O

-Action Comics: This is like the coolest thing. Origin stories rock. Even if this is no different than any other Superman origin stories ever.
-Detective Comics: When will this story arc endddddd

Next month is the #6s; On February 29th, I will be able to give my full opinion of how successful or unsuccessful this New 52 Event is!

Some Cool Kickstarter Projects (Pickles Recommends)

Kickstarter is a fundraising website where you set the amount of money to raise, and give out certain prizes or gifts to those who donate different levels of money, like any normal fundraiser, and if the project is 100% funded (or more!) in 60 days, Kickstarter will give the money to the project creators to use on their projects. Otherwise, they get nothing. There have been some very interesting projects on there, like the FTP-Cloud device and the SMBC Theater’s sci-fi web series. I have found a couple today that are pretty great!
This is basically a service where you can legally download ROMs for free, as long as you have a copy of the game for the original system. Both Atari and Sega have both said that they would sign on to this program if the project creator can afford it, so there is already some substance to this!
Code Hero is a game that actually teaches you how to code… as the name implies. It has been featured at Minecon and is very great! This game could help propel millions into gaming careers; it would very much benefit the game industry as a whole.

DC New 52 Issue 4 Opinions

a lot less than the rest.

Justice League International: Preaxxus is the best ripoff villain ever. Take that, Thanos!
-Green Lantern: ❤ Sinestro.
-Green Lantern Corps: A really cool appearance by the Martian Manhunter!
-Red Lanterns: The best comic, as always.
-Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E.: Zany to the max. I really like this.
-Deathstroke: A little dumber than last issue, but I am hoping that it all ties up in Issue 5!
-Batwing: Great as always. The sudden art change is jarring, but the revelations are sweet.

more later.

My Favorite Game of 2011

Looks like MrVonAwesometon posted his Game of The Year Pick at So I guess I will do mine.

But my pick I think will be the best underrated game of the year, not just what I think is the best game of the year overall.

Thedude3445’s pick: Radiant Historia!

This is an RPG of an unprecedented scale. The story is filled with intrigue and adventure, the characters have actual personality that is not lifted straight from Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, and the battle system… the battle system is the best of any RPG I have ever played, even moreso than Paper Mario.
I am already a huge time-travel nut, and this game has further catapulted my obsession for it. This game does time travelling right, unlike what I have heard about Final Fantasy XIII-2. There are tons of choices that you have to make to try and find the right timeline and avoid the destruction of the world. You will usually know when a choice will lead to a bad ending, but you will usually choose that one first anyway, out of curiosity.
This would have already been on my Top 5 list for Best Games of 2011 (Skyrim is #1, for obvious reasons), but this game was extremely overlooked. It only sold 183,000 copies despite the high reviews, and it wasn’t even released in Europe! And because of this, any gamer that wants to try it out will have to pay very high prices, as the game has shot up in value. The price of the game on Amazon is $34, only one dollar less than the original price. Other places it is $40 and up! This should not deter anyone from purchasing it, however. Radiant Historia is better than almost every $60 Xbox 360 title that released in 2011.
It’s hard to describe the battle system. It’s on a grid and you try to get combos and crap. It sounds weird, but it is so fun to use. Watch a video of the battle system:

So yeah. Buy this.

Other GOTY Picks:
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Battlefield 3
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom
El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron


I totally had a legitimate and not at all fake wedding in late November. Since then, I have kept up with this recent marriage via Twitter, and my wife has posted on my Facebook several times.

These are some of the statuses she has posted:
-I need a new BFF! Any takers??

-Well…today went better than expected. But I really miss my Beiber Cd. Luckily Ryland [our math teacher] played some today so I still got to hear it! Yay!! But… I still missed my Mickey mouse this morning and that my friend is irreplaceable. 😦

-Listening to some Taylor Swift and eating chocolate ice cream. 😉 …heals the soul.

-I am woman. Hear me roar!!!

I wonder if anybody thinks I posted these myself? …Probably everyone.

I tweeted a lot about it with the hashtag #justmarried but I am too lazy to go and look it up.

More Quirky Facebook and Twitter Things of Mine

Some of these are so lame.

-After all these years, I just now realized that all of Dr. Crygor’s microgames in Warioware have claymation/motion capture sprites.

-I got into Pink Floyd today solely because my controller’s batteries died while I was listening to them for the first time on Zune.

-I thought backwards flying dragons would be funny but it is also impossible to hit them 😦 #onlyinskyrim

-My parents were really mad that I was up at 4 AM playing Skyrim…. but then I woke up and realized I had gone to sleep at 7 PM.

-Dark Void: a guy in 1938 crashes in the bermuda triangle, meets aztecs, then gets a jetpack and fights alien robots in a different universe.

-Nikola Tesla: 1856-1938. Was killed from a stabbing by a fascist alien robot posing as him. #darkvoid

-One of the best food combos: Spaghetti-Os and Ramen Noodles

Remember to follow me on Twitter at @Thedude3445 and friend me on Facebook, at (even though I barely use it nowadays and I only accept people I know anyway)

Overall Game of the Year 2011

Kenny’s Pick: Portal 2


I know what you’re thinking; “How could you choose Portal 2 over Skyrim?!” I’ll tell you several reasons, the first being the writing. Skyrim is in no ways a bad game, quite the opposite, but can you name one memorable line of dialog not spoken by a guard not just in Skyrim, but the whole of the Elder Scrolls franchise? I can’t think of one, but there are countless in both Portal games. From the AI cores, to GlaDOS’ comments on Chell’s weight, to the pure gold that is every line that Cave Johnson speaks, every piece of dialog is witty, memorable, and hilarious. I would rather hear Johnson’s lemon tirade over “arrow to the knee” any day.

Whenever you aren’t laughing at and memorizing every piece of comedic gold spoken by the cast you are solving some of the most clever, interesting puzzles in gaming, rivaled only by the Layton games. Probably the best part of the game’s puzzle solving is the perfect pacing that Valve implements. Right when you finally get a grasp of the basic portaling, lasers are introduced; whenever you think you’ve mastered lasers, faith plates are introduced. This cycle continues until all of the game’s clever mechanics have been introduced, adding up to about 60 chambers of glorious science.

Simply put, Portal 2 is pure, entertaining, puzzling bliss, with a stellar Jonathan Coulton song to boot! While Skyrim will last you 200 hours, Portal 2 is 15 hours of hilarious, well written, perfectly paced single player, and an even larger amount of mind bending Co-op backed by even more free DLC that will leave you in awe and wishing that Valve could count to three.

Runners Up/Other Picks:

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

DC New 52 Issue 3 Opinions

Here is where I started to thin out my selections and only pick ones I had read previous issues of. Of course now I have made my pledge to buy the first 6 issues of every single one of the New 52, but too late for that, I suppose. These are the ones I have so far:

-Justice League International: I accidentally skipped this and started to read issue 4 first. The reason is because this issue has nothing to offer, at all.
-The Flash: what the crap!!!!! it’s a spoiler but… what the crap.
-Green Lantern: Good as always.
-Green Lantern Corps: I really like the cover art, and the story is picking up quite nicely.
-Red Lanterns: This is probably my favorite comic in the New 52, by far. Even more than Batwing.
-Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E: So freaking absurd. I am starting to like the craziness, actually.
-Batwing: The art is so good, and so is the plot. Just all of the goodness.
-Swamp Thing: Yep, this is here to stay. I love it.
-Static Shock: There is no reason for me to care about this comic, at all. I feel no connection to Virgil like I did in the cartoon.
Deathstroke: Hey look a plot is starting. all of this mindless killing is starting to catch up on Mr. Wilson.

more later!

New 52 Opinions: Issue Two!

Here are my opinions on the #2s that I have read. I have more #2s than #1s, but I haven’t read the ones that I don’t have the #1s for. That would be dumb.

-Justice League: As pretty awesome as ever. As artistically great as ever. I feel so bad for Cyborg though.
-Justice League Dark: I have not understood a single thing going on this whole time.
-Justice League International: Pretty generic characters, besides the Big Three (Booster Gold, Batman, Guy Gardner). It has this nice throwback feel to it, though.
-Huntress: uber meh.
-Superman: lol such a stupid enemy. But how he took it out was pretty cool.
-Green Lantern: Sinestro is becoming one of my favorite anti-heroes.
-Greeen Lantern: New Guardians: sooooo coooool. Grey Lantern= BEST THING EVER
-Green Lantern Corps: I am unfamiliar about all this Green Lantern stuff, but it seems pretty neat.
-Red Lanterns: He freaking rages a guy to death and then proceeds to have a touching scene with a little girl. So awesome.
-The Flash: no opinion really. just buildup to the next issue I guess.
-Legion of Superheroes: uhh…. I am confused. too many characters….
-Green Arrow: It’s pretty okay I guess. Nothing spectacular or terrible about it.
-Action Comics: As long as it keeps being this great, I will keep loving it a ton.
-Static Shock…. ugh. by far the most boring comic this side of “New Warriors (2007)”.
-Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E.: such an insane comic. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.
-Suicide Squad: Some crazy awesome fighting, but SO PREDICTABLE. “one of them won’t make it out!!!!” Raise your hand if you knew who it was from the beginning. Oh look, hey everybody. Also I accidentally bought two copies of this.
-Deathstroke: I like the villain much more than the plot itself.
-Batman: The Dark Knight: This is getting pretty interesting. This comic should have been a miniseries, though. It feels like a plot that could be resolved in a 4, 6, or 12 at most issue-long story arc.
-Batwing: Batwing is becoming one of my favorites by far!
-Swamp Thing: This will either be really good or really terrible. This is still all I can say about it. No actual opinion.

I will add more as I read’em!

EVEN MORE DC New 52 #1 Opinions!

I have obtained a few more of these #1 comics. Remember, all I know of DC came from the DCAU (and Teen Titans), swo most of this I am completely unfamiliar with:

-Action Comics: Grant Morrison is amazing and this comic is amazing. I love him for making this.
-My Greatest Adventure: A miniseries. Obviously it is dealing with some major C-List heroes here, because I have never heard of this Iron Man ripoff, Swamp Thing ripoff, and… some alien chick. I will call her a Starfire ripoff just cuz.
-Suicide Squad: So much torture. Why you gotta be so glum in the first issue?
-Catwoman: fuck this shit. absolutely horrible.
-Supergirl: Absolutely nothing memorable about it.
-Batman: Dark Knight: I liked it but the bunny thing… what the crap.
-I, Vampire: Boooooring. Get to the superhero vs. vampire fights already!!!

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