The Evolution Revolution

150th Post! :)

After 2 years and 6 months, the Backblog has finally reached 150 posts, 149 of them being by me, and around 145 of them not being trackbacks either. So let’s celebrate this milestone, along with the New Year!

Site Origins:
Near the end of Summer 2009, I began obsessively downloading ROMs for emulators, and started to find a whole bunch of obscure gems and pirated games. I had just read this blog called OldWizard, actually a really crappy and really biased site, but I liked reading them, and I really wanted to make a site that covered obscure games in this way. I originally wanted to write these articles for Nintendo City, but their submission process was way too slow for me, so I decided to make my own blog and try to make it a direct affiliate of Nintendo City (that is why the URL says NCbblog; Nintendo City Backblog). But I failed at the latter part because it was shot down almost instantly by the admin. I felt pretty upset about the rejection, and nearly shut down the blog after its second post, but something in me was logical and I simply decided to make it an independent blog, which it is today.
At what point did I stop mainly posting about video games? It was whenever I stopped caring only about video games. I’m not sure when exactly that point was, but it was sometime after my “Best Game of the Decade” awards. Even though I had just gotten Xbox Live and had started subscribing to Game Informer, the best gaming magazine since Nintendo Power was sold to Future US, my interest in games began to wane as time went on, and I didn’t feel like playing them or writing about them. This is definitely reversed now, but there was a huge period with no updates! And I still will mysteriously stop posting for 3 or 4 weeks at a time just because of laziness. Like the entire month of November.

And now for one of my first images advertising this place:

and the first game I ever played through for this site!

Let’s hope for another good year, and hopefully a lot more posts than ever before!

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