The Evolution Revolution

New Years’ Resolutions

I’m looking back at my New Years’ Resolutions from last year for the first time to see how well I accomplished my goals:

1. To accomplish great things with my French Horn
hahahaha nope.

2. To make great grades in all of my classes, especially English
Well I am finally making an A in math, which is the only subject I make a B in. So I guess so?

3. To finally be good friends with [the girl I liked a whole lot at the time] again

I don’t like her anymore and she is dating my best friend so I guess we are sort of friendly I guess.

4. To publish Black Hand: The Adventures of Jackson X
I delayed that until THIS August. Hopefully I will be able to do it by then!

5. To actually be happy.

I will reveal my ones for this year…. next year.

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