The Evolution Revolution

Best bot post ever

You know how internet bots are. Incomprehensible babble that is supposed to be advertising something… maybe? But have you ever seen anything like this?

I had sex with a stripper on my bachelor party on the night before I got married. I was so drunk that I got stupid and didn’t even use a condom. She said that she’s clean because she’s only ordinary college girl who needed money. A few weeks later my penis started to feel a little sore and it did hurt to urinate. I got tested with a combo of 7 home std test kits that I ordered online from home-bio-test, and all results were negative results for chlamydia, gonorrhea, shypilis, hiv, and hepatitis, and at this time I don’t have any symptoms. Do you think it is just my imagination for feeling guilty to my wife because I had sex with the stripper on my bachelor party?


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