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Untold Tales of Thedude3445- How I Spent My Fall (Part One)

After the tornado that hit my hometown of Ringgold on April 27, our entire tri-state area has led a very interesting year. What I did myself was probably very interesting too. (not really)

During the summer, I helped create (along with Pbhead, who found the server and made the Homestuck Trailer, and vanquishedValiant, who’s like the admin I guess) the MSPA Clubhouse IRC at, probably the most popular IRC related to the MSPA Forums, after we started a 20-day Homestuck Re-read, which was a reading of the greatest comic of all time; one portion of the comic each day would be read and then we would go on said IRC to discuss it (usually not doing that at all and instead talking about whatever we wanted). We do a lot of crazy things on that IRC.

with alt text.
John-413 the Spartan-II
based on one of Andrew Hussie's old formspring answers.
thanks, vanquishedvaliant, for this candid image of me.
Andrew's birthday was in july or august and we made a cake thing for him. this isn't the complete one though.
enter the pizza zone

among other things.

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