The Evolution Revolution

My Ultimate Marvel Collection

I have been trying to read all of Ultimate Marvel so that I can read the newest Ultimate Comics Reborn comics (which I already subscribe to… but I can’t read!!!). But unlike how I caught up in the regular Marvel Universe, I am only reading this legally. No Demonoid for me. This is what I have read so far (some of these I have traded in, some I still have):

Ultimate Iron Man I-II
Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra
Ultimate Spider Man Hardcover Volume 1-5 (hardcovers contain 2 volumes, so it’s actually 1-10)
Fantastic Four Volume 1-2
X-Men Volume 1-13, barring 11
Ultimates 2
Ultimate Annuals
Ultimate Galactus Trilogy
March on Ultimatum
Ultimate Comics Armor Wars
Ultimate Comics Captain America
Ultimate Comics Ultimates Issues 1-5
Ultimate Comics X-Men Issues 1-3
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Issues 1-5

the dotted line is where I have read to. After that, I can’t go on until I at least read Ultimatum and Ultimate Doomsday! This will take a lot of money, I fear, so this might take a while for me to complete. But as I do, I will update this list!

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