The Evolution Revolution

Multimedia Festival 2009 (plus a cool GIF)

hey look what I made three years ago! I was already pretty okay with, but my computer crashed, and I was stuck with MS Paint. This was one of the hardest things to make. Ever.

What is it? It’s an advertisement for the massive failure that was the Nintendo City Multimedia Festival held the week after Valentine’s Day, 2009. It was supposed to be this huge fan event, mirroring E3 and other conventions, that premiered tons of great sprite comics, fan games, etc, but due to my lack of leadership, lack of help, and lack of promotion, it was dead on arrival.

The main attractions of this event were supposed to be the premieres, including my War in Blankland Part; because of the aforementioned computer problems, I was unable to complete it in time. Another was WillBillXP’s Psychokinetic Adventures of William Vista (that may not be the correct title), an actual drawn comic about a Yoshi with psychic powers that discovers lots of corruption and deleted history of the Mushroom Kingdom. I can’t recall whether it actually came out in this five day festival. There was also supposed to be another installment of Pipes (or one of its sequels or something), the most popular comic to ever hit Nintendo City. This wasn’t even close to coming out.

There were also supposed to be a slew of Comic Awards and contests, but the award committee never did anything, and nobody participated in the contests. Obviously, what I thought was cool on paper was not what was actually cool 😛

After the whole thing bombed, I was shamed, and eventually drifted off of Nintendo City (not solely because of this of course; I also was moving and was upset about my friend taking the girl I liked) for quite a long time; about 4 or 5 months, I believe! I think that was for the best for the event to fail though. It gave me a lot of experience about organizing things, and now I will not let laziness prevail in my colleagues. 😛

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