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EVEN MORE DC New 52 #1 Opinions!

I have obtained a few more of these #1 comics. Remember, all I know of DC came from the DCAU (and Teen Titans), swo most of this I am completely unfamiliar with:

-Action Comics: Grant Morrison is amazing and this comic is amazing. I love him for making this.
-My Greatest Adventure: A miniseries. Obviously it is dealing with some major C-List heroes here, because I have never heard of this Iron Man ripoff, Swamp Thing ripoff, and… some alien chick. I will call her a Starfire ripoff just cuz.
-Suicide Squad: So much torture. Why you gotta be so glum in the first issue?
-Catwoman: fuck this shit. absolutely horrible.
-Supergirl: Absolutely nothing memorable about it.
-Batman: Dark Knight: I liked it but the bunny thing… what the crap.
-I, Vampire: Boooooring. Get to the superhero vs. vampire fights already!!!

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