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DC New 52 Issue 3 Opinions

Here is where I started to thin out my selections and only pick ones I had read previous issues of. Of course now I have made my pledge to buy the first 6 issues of every single one of the New 52, but too late for that, I suppose. These are the ones I have so far:

-Justice League International: I accidentally skipped this and started to read issue 4 first. The reason is because this issue has nothing to offer, at all.
-The Flash: what the crap!!!!! it’s a spoiler but… what the crap.
-Green Lantern: Good as always.
-Green Lantern Corps: I really like the cover art, and the story is picking up quite nicely.
-Red Lanterns: This is probably my favorite comic in the New 52, by far. Even more than Batwing.
-Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E: So freaking absurd. I am starting to like the craziness, actually.
-Batwing: The art is so good, and so is the plot. Just all of the goodness.
-Swamp Thing: Yep, this is here to stay. I love it.
-Static Shock: There is no reason for me to care about this comic, at all. I feel no connection to Virgil like I did in the cartoon.
Deathstroke: Hey look a plot is starting. all of this mindless killing is starting to catch up on Mr. Wilson.

more later!

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