The Evolution Revolution

More Quirky Facebook and Twitter Things of Mine

Some of these are so lame.

-After all these years, I just now realized that all of Dr. Crygor’s microgames in Warioware have claymation/motion capture sprites.

-I got into Pink Floyd today solely because my controller’s batteries died while I was listening to them for the first time on Zune.

-I thought backwards flying dragons would be funny but it is also impossible to hit them 😦 #onlyinskyrim

-My parents were really mad that I was up at 4 AM playing Skyrim…. but then I woke up and realized I had gone to sleep at 7 PM.

-Dark Void: a guy in 1938 crashes in the bermuda triangle, meets aztecs, then gets a jetpack and fights alien robots in a different universe.

-Nikola Tesla: 1856-1938. Was killed from a stabbing by a fascist alien robot posing as him. #darkvoid

-One of the best food combos: Spaghetti-Os and Ramen Noodles

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