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My Favorite Game of 2011

Looks like MrVonAwesometon posted his Game of The Year Pick at So I guess I will do mine.

But my pick I think will be the best underrated game of the year, not just what I think is the best game of the year overall.

Thedude3445’s pick: Radiant Historia!

This is an RPG of an unprecedented scale. The story is filled with intrigue and adventure, the characters have actual personality that is not lifted straight from Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, and the battle system… the battle system is the best of any RPG I have ever played, even moreso than Paper Mario.
I am already a huge time-travel nut, and this game has further catapulted my obsession for it. This game does time travelling right, unlike what I have heard about Final Fantasy XIII-2. There are tons of choices that you have to make to try and find the right timeline and avoid the destruction of the world. You will usually know when a choice will lead to a bad ending, but you will usually choose that one first anyway, out of curiosity.
This would have already been on my Top 5 list for Best Games of 2011 (Skyrim is #1, for obvious reasons), but this game was extremely overlooked. It only sold 183,000 copies despite the high reviews, and it wasn’t even released in Europe! And because of this, any gamer that wants to try it out will have to pay very high prices, as the game has shot up in value. The price of the game on Amazon is $34, only one dollar less than the original price. Other places it is $40 and up! This should not deter anyone from purchasing it, however. Radiant Historia is better than almost every $60 Xbox 360 title that released in 2011.
It’s hard to describe the battle system. It’s on a grid and you try to get combos and crap. It sounds weird, but it is so fun to use. Watch a video of the battle system:

So yeah. Buy this.

Other GOTY Picks:
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Battlefield 3
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom
El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

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