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Some Cool Kickstarter Projects (Pickles Recommends)

Kickstarter is a fundraising website where you set the amount of money to raise, and give out certain prizes or gifts to those who donate different levels of money, like any normal fundraiser, and if the project is 100% funded (or more!) in 60 days, Kickstarter will give the money to the project creators to use on their projects. Otherwise, they get nothing. There have been some very interesting projects on there, like the FTP-Cloud device and the SMBC Theater’s sci-fi web series. I have found a couple today that are pretty great!
This is basically a service where you can legally download ROMs for free, as long as you have a copy of the game for the original system. Both Atari and Sega have both said that they would sign on to this program if the project creator can afford it, so there is already some substance to this!
Code Hero is a game that actually teaches you how to code… as the name implies. It has been featured at Minecon and is very great! This game could help propel millions into gaming careers; it would very much benefit the game industry as a whole.

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