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DC New 52: New Batch

I bought $48 of more DC New 52 comics, and here’s my opinions on them!

-All-Star Western: This is really cool and interesting.

-Detective Comics: I know I haven’t read issue 1, but I got it up to #5 and I gave in to the pressure 😛 It is good, I guess? Not too remarkable, but it sure is better than The Dark Knight.

-Action Comics: This is such a cool comic; that is all I can say.
-Justice League: This comic was out of print at the local comic shop for months; I even already had #4 and #5 (I subscribed after issue 4. Issue 5 isn’t actually out yet as the time of this writing), but #3 was nowhere to be found, up until the last time I went! Of course this time there were 3 copies. I really like this comic, and the art is basically the best. Only Action Comics could potentially have better art out of any of the comics in the DC New 52.
-Detective Comics: The puppet thing is so creepy.
-Swamp Thing: Oh… Looks like I forgot to get issue 3 of Swamp Thing and went straight to Issue 4. And I didn’t notice because this comic is basically just some flashbacks or something. I can say that there is a plant dinosaur in this issue and that is the best part of the whole New 52 so far.
-Superman: the intro thing at the beginning was really cool, with how it connected Action Comics to modern day-set comics. I’m not sure about the whole monster-of-the-week thing.

-Justice League: DARKSEID!!! (spoiler alert)
-Action Comics: I yawned during the Steel backup story. Why didn’t they just insert the Steel fight into the actual comic? Steel’s inner thoughts were really unnecessary.
-Detective Comics: augh joker puppets O_O

-Action Comics: This is like the coolest thing. Origin stories rock. Even if this is no different than any other Superman origin stories ever.
-Detective Comics: When will this story arc endddddd

Next month is the #6s; On February 29th, I will be able to give my full opinion of how successful or unsuccessful this New 52 Event is!

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