The Evolution Revolution

There is a Dearth of Content on Here…

…And the reason for that is because I am currently making or participating in a ton of things! Things being Homestuck fan adventures and such.

-Electionstuck is a parody of Presidential Campaigns with Homestuck characters. Expect very few author tracts though, as you might expect from any sort of politically-charged story; I don’t care about convincing other people of my views. Not in a story like this. I care about writing some awesome crap, which is what will be done.

-Complacency of the Learned: The Novel is being made by my friends over on the MSPA Clubhouse at We are trying to make the full 6-novel long series that Rose wrote in the Alpha Universe!

-[S] Rex Duodecim Angelus: A flash made for the completely awesome Homestuck song, Rex Duodecim Angelus ( ), in which the Trolls battle the Black King, an event only mentioned in the comic. It has been in production for almost a year now; hopefully it will be finished soon! I wrote or helped write much of the flash’s storyboards.

-Pikmin Sleuth: Problem Sleuth…. plus Pikmin…..

-Also, I may continue on my Homestuck fan fiction “Slumber” soon.

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