The Evolution Revolution

Middle School Stories: Continuing Story

My cousin and I were back-and-forth writing this while in the car going on a trip one day my 8th grade year (2009). italics is my cousin. You can see how this story quickly devolved into a fight thread.

Continuing Story
By B.A Baker and Grace
One day, a guy walked into a saloon. There were lots of drunken people and old dead dudes. This guy, named Mordecai, didn’t like old people, so he threw a grenade at the bartender, and it exploded.
The bartender died. It was not sad, because we got free beer (or Ben did) So we walked out then out of nowhere….
The Guy saw Grace and threw a grenade at her.
And she ran then pushed Ben in front of her
Then we died. Including the guy.
And the Cold War was over
Because everybody was dead, Mr. Patch, a factory worker at the bagel food company, took over the world. He renamed himself Emperor-King Almighty of the Universe and Everything in It Fordo.
Then Ben killed him and Grace was vice emperor
But Grace was dead so she became the Zombie Lordess and invaded the sun with her Navy of Undead.
She won and became the most feared person in the Underworld.
Except for Mr. Patch,. Who worked with the guy with the grenades named Mordecai to destroy Grace.
Then she came back to life because she was already dead. Then the guy thatwas with Ben killed Ben and he was a prisoner in her underworld fortress.
Ben escaped and went underground to form a resistance against the Zombie Empire.
But it was not that easy to escape, for his legs were cut off. Then Grace caught up with him.
Ben killed Grace forever
That’s bull crap. Grace cut off his arm and left.
Ben put his arm back on and followed.
Grace knew he was following and tricked him to the dungeon.
When Ben got to the dungeon, he used his beat-control powers and freed all the prisoners with the dungeon dragon. Now the resistance had enough people to defeat Grace.
…He wished. But Grace’s army was too strong
But the dragon sacrificed himself and destroyed the army, allowing the resistance to get to the Throne Room.
Until Grace made a movie.
A movie?
Yes, she made Jackbutt.
The resistance went in the theater and watched Jackbutt
And then Jackbutt crew took them down when they laughed
So everybody died except Grace.
Not really jerk!

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