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Homestuck – Bill Bolin Music

Bill Bolin was a former Homestuck Music Team member who had made many songs that were featured in the flash pages of the comic. However, he left around early 2010, and all of his music was taken down and replaced with new songs (this is one of the main reasons for Volume 5 being so large, apparently). Here’s a whole lot of his music! Some pieces are certainly better than others; overall, I think his music is nice, but nowhere near the current levels of the Music Team.

(more later. or you can just go to my channel from these videos and watch the rest!)


Edit: Bill Bolin had these videos removed from youtube, which also caused my account to be deleted. This is probably pretty bad but I’m not angry. I will leave this up as a historic note though.

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15 thoughts on “Homestuck – Bill Bolin Music

  1. Trogdorbad on said:

    Hey, if you still have all of Bolin’s tracks, could you maybe email me a zip of them? I got to Homestuck a bit late so I never got to hear them. That, and he apparently has them all get removed so no point trying to find them on YT.

    • Here’s the Homestuck Sound Test, a collection of unused, deleted, and fan songs all made by Music Team members. It includes all of Bill Bolin’s library that has ever been made public.
      it hasn’t been updated in 11 months, but you should still be very satisfied, even if there’s over 100 songs made since then. Yes that Music Team is crazy about making so many songs that don’t even ever get release.

      • Trogdorbad on said:

        Oh hell yes. You deliver and then some. I can’t wait to dig through all this. Many kudos to you, good sir!

      • A new one has been slated for eventual release ever since 6/12/12, with a bunch more songs; I even helped the creator gather some extremely obscure ones from the depths of the internet.

      • Trogdorbad on said:

        Ooh, I’m quite excited for this. You gotta let me know when this comes out!

        Under the assumption you can’t see my email from the details form thing,

      • No actually I can. :V
        But if I actually remember to, I definitely will e-mail you. However I don’t know how likely that is at all, since I have no idea how long it is until the new update comes out. I will at the very least post about it on this blog.

      • Trogdorbad on said:

        Oh right.

        Basically, this gets updated with the consistency Hussie has updating. (zing)

        Also, I find it very odd that the January 2012 version of the torrent has seeders whereas the one you linked doesn’t. I mean. Just what.

        Also, heh, Dirge-ish is in here. I still have a fairly old version of it I downloaded forever ago. I still prefer it to the final variation, and maybe even to…I forget what OMGTSN turned it into for Homestuck but yeah.

      • It was turned into Revered Return, on Volume 8. Also, it is strange there are no seeders. But I guess that’s what you get when you try and download an 11-month old torrent.

      • Trogdorbad on said:

        What’s particularly strange is that there was apparently a portion of a seeder earlier in the day.

      • That’s… strange. The Music Team thread on the forum might be able to help you out here, since a lot of people probably have the torrent.

      • Trogdorbad on said:

        Pointless to bring up, somewhat, but possibly of interest.

        Out of nowhere, someone who I guess had the whole thing started seeding.

        Yessssssss. Now I can have the final update.

        By the way, in the January one at least, their copy of Dirge-ish is pretty low quality. Assuming that didn’t change with the April one, do you think they’d want a higher quality one? And on top of that, do you think they’d want the final version of Dirge-ish? They’ve got the old, unfinished one.

      • Is there a better version of Dirge-ish? I’ve never heard it if there is.

      • Trogdorbad on said:

        …and then they disappeared. I guess they just hop in and out, maybe? Either way, woo! 55.4% now.

    • Trogdorbad on said:

      Indeed. For whatever reason, it stalled at 7.6% and sat there being like “ok yeah 0.1kb/s so I deleted the folder of what had already been extracted and restarted and it worked fine. Go figure.

      Also, thank you. That always slips my mind.

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