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Comic Reactions #1- Batman comix

I have a huge backlog of comics that I have not yet read, and I will be reading them and posting my reactions on the MSPA IRC, then uploading them here. it’s pretty great.

batwing #6

16:01 Thedude3445 previously on batwing:
16:02 Thedude3445 batwing was black and i guess he teamed up with batman at one point
16:03 Thedude3445 blah balh flashback
16:03 Thedude3445 i really like the art
16:04 Holly_still_AT yeah I can’t wait for season 4!
16:04 Thedude3445 there is an ad for “batman: through the looking glass”
16:04 Thedude3445 it is alice in wonderland but with batman
16:04 Thedude3445 that’ll be great
16:04 Thedude3445 not
16:05 Thedude3445 ok batwing rushes in to save this guy from villain man
16:05 Thedude3445 and his tech armor is like so cool
16:05 Thedude3445 another flashback
16:06 Thedude3445 hey look batman is in africa again
16:06 Thedude3445 why is he even here
16:06 Thedude3445 like does bruce wayne have a legitimate reason to be in africa right now
16:07 Thedude3445 i think there was an explanation at some point but i can’t remember
16:07 Thedude3445 oh that was still in flashback i think!
16:07 Thedude3445 maybe
16:08 Thedude3445 idk the ads are distracting me from the comic
16:08 Thedude3445 ANOTHER FLASHBACK
16:09 Thedude3445 oh so the villain is the guy that kidnapped batwing as a kid and made him be a child soldier
16:09 Thedude3445 i am now calling this villain Mr. Kony
16:10 Thedude3445 kony was set on fire and then sliced open a gas tank like a real genius
16:10 Thedude3445 but then he still got away somehow
16:12 Thedude3445 ok so batman, batwing, nightwing, and robin are all going to team up to save some former superhero dudes from kony
16:12 Thedude3445 even though they live in america now so how will he be able to get a plane there when he has all those swords and armor and stuff
16:13 Thedude3445 ok so that’s all wrapped up


nightwing #2

16:22 Thedude3445 previously on nightwing: i can’t remember
16:22 Thedude3445 i read #1 in september
16:23 Thedude3445 it seems that somebody is about to kill nigthwing
16:23 Thedude3445 and then nightwing electrocutes him
16:24 Thedude3445 and he accidentally blows up a car with 2 people in it

16:24 Thedude3445 and has to save them instead of catch the guy

I talk about mass effect 3 and its horrible ending with people for a few minutes.

16:37 Thedude3445 oh yeah I was reading nightwing wasn’t i
16:37 Thedude3445 anyway
16:38 Thedude3445 nightwing has sex with a random chick
16:38 Thedude3445 and fights the vllain guy again.
16:38 Thedude3445 who has 2 wolverine claws
16:38 Thedude3445 yeah that was boring
16:38 Thedude3445 done reading that

nightwing #3

why do comics have so many flashbacks
16:41 Thedude3445 because that’s what this is
16:42 Thedude3445 and a funeral for some random old guy
16:42 Thedude3445 and an ad for the uncharted miniseries
16:43 Thedude3445 like basically nothing is happening
16:44 Thedude3445 there is absolutely nothing witty for me to say. nothing happened.

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