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Comic Reactions- Green Lantern comix

More comic reactions from the MSPA IRC.

Red Lanterns #6

Thedude3445  previously on red lanterns: red lanterns run around and breathe fire at stuff

Thedude3445  a human gets angry and then suddenly becomes a red lantern

Thedude3445 he accidentally breathes fire while trying to talk to a police officer

oh i forgot… he got angry because the police officers killed his brother. so it’s kindof justified

back on red lantern planet…

2 red lanterns fight. idr why

and all of the red lanterns get pissed off at Atrocitus, the protagonist, for it

back to earth. wtf
human guy flies around, utterly confused at why his hair is now on fire and he’s wearing a dorky red suit


and he crashes


killing a mother and child
then he broods at a graveyard.also he’s british. so that automatically makes it better
then he kills the guy that killed his grandpa which made his brother attack the police for some reason

he kills him by bashing him on the head with his grandpa’s gravestone

this is a thing that just happened.


there’s a lot of killing here

*** Holly_still_AT is now known as Holy_drawing


oh yeah


oh no

green lantern guy grander warps in to save the day and defeat the red lantern!

little does the red lantern know

but guy garnder is a huge douche wimp

to be continued

Red Lanterns #7


Thedude3445 look at that
17:30 Thedude3445 another flashback
17:30 Thedude3445 or not
17:30 ChocalateDog aaaaaand back
17:31 ChocalateDog and eeeewww DC Comics
17:31 Thedude3445 all of the red lanterns raid a ship or something
17:31 Thedude3445 DC comics new 52 is somewhat good
17:31 Thedude3445 somewhat
17:31 *** LegendaryQ joined #MSPA
17:31 ChocalateDog all od DCs heroes are lame though
17:31 ChocalateDog except Batman
17:31 Thedude3445 actually that may have been a flash forward…
17:31 Thedude3445 red lanterns is cool though
17:32 Thedude3445 human guy needs to kill guy gardnerplease
17:32 Thedude3445 please
17:33 Thedude3445 okay he SAVED guy garnder
17:33 Thedude3445 come on
17:33 Thedude3445 and then red lantern guy flies into space
17:33 Thedude3445 and guy garnder says
17:34 Thedude3445 “where the hell are you going, red boy? you know i can’t leave all these injured folk and follow you.”
17:34 Thedude3445 that’s the point dumbass
17:34 Katai >_>
17:35 Katai I think there’s only really one DC super hero I really like
17:35 Katai Tim Drake
17:35 Katai although I tend to be fond of the speedsters (Flash, Impulse)
17:35 Thedude3445 the red lanterns interrogate some yellow lanterns because sinestro is now a green lantern again
17:35 *** Holly joined #MSPA
17:36 techloveArtist hi again Holly
17:36 Thedude3445 and bleez breathes fire on one of them. like usual.
17:36 Katai okay, the whole green lanturn stuff is just silly to me
17:36 Holly hello~
17:36 Katai because the whole thing is pretty much “Magic ring plot device”
17:36 Thedude3445 i don’t like the flash that much except in justice league
17:36 Thedude3445 it’s like star wars but with 7 factions instead of 2
17:36 Katai I think I like his personality more than anything
17:36 Katai Bart Allen is freaking amazing
17:37 Katai though I’ve noticed I prefer the younger generation of super heros more in general
17:37 Katai maybe because they’re not all brooding and obnoxious
17:37 Thedude3445 lol
17:37 Thedude3445 the reverse of the norms
17:37 Thedude3445 you’d think teen heroes would be the brooding emotional ones
17:38 Thedude3445 okay so now atrocius is all alone because all the other red lanterns deserted him offscreen.
17:39 Thedude3445 he is looking for krona, one of the guardians who he hates and wanted dead for some reason
17:39 Thedude3445 and then he did die
17:39 Thedude3445 but his body disappeared so he assumes he’s alive again
17:39 Thedude3445 nope not krona
17:39 Thedude3445 some old douche named abysmus.
17:39 Thedude3445 oh crap
17:39 Thedude3445 it’s his son but in zombie form
17:40 Katai blinks
17:40 Thedude3445 now he fights all these zombie things
17:40 Thedude3445 (they aren’t actually zombies that’s just the only way I can describe them)
17:41 Thedude3445 bro just stabbed his dad in the chest
17:41 *** Dani joined #MSPA
17:41 Thedude3445 but not in the little hole in his red lantern logo
17:41 Thedude3445 like how vriska stabbed tavros in the hole in the logo on his shirt
17:41 Thedude3445 I love it when people stab in the circles on people’s shirts
17:42 Claus That’s what circles are made fro.
17:42 Claus *for
17:42 Thedude3445 oh yeah so atrocius is dead after 7 issues
17:42 Thedude3445 and now this human guy lands on the planet
17:42 Thedude3445 and now he’s the leader of the red lanterns I guess
17:43 Thedude3445 hey an ad for… batman beyond? a new comic for him? dude
17:43 Thedude3445 it got cancelled when the new 52 started but now it’s coming back awesome!
17:43 *** eqdw joined #MSPA
17:44 Thedude3445 ok so the comic ended. but apparently they are making new teen titans animated shorts on cartoon network that appear during the commericals of the new green lantern and young justice shows


Green Lantern Corps #5


previously on green lantern corps: the guardians have some dudes that hold all of the lanterns in the universe while their owners don’t have them
17:53 Thedude3445 like you know how they just summon the lanterns to charge their rings? that’s where they dummon them from
17:54 Thedude3445 yeah and these guys are rebelling now. with good reason
17:54 Thedude3445 now douche pussy guy garnder is recruiting guys to go save a bunch of green lanterns that have been captured by these guys
17:55 Katai mmm
17:55 Thedude3445 he has found 4 battle hardened dudes called the “mean machine” to do it.
17:55 Katai man, this chicken wrap would be so healthy if I didn’t use fried chicken, tons of cheese, and a heaping load of mayonaise/horseradish sauce
17:55 Thedude3445 lol yes
17:56 Thedude3445 sounds great and will clog all of your arteries
17:56 Katai meh, didn’t need them anyway
17:56 Thedude3445 yeah you migh
17:57 Thedude3445 ok so now the martian manhunter is helping the Mean Machine with their efforts to fight the rebel guys (they’re calle dhte keepers I have found out)
17:58 Thedude3445 ah so exposition
17:59 Thedude3445 the reason these keepers are mad is because in the beginning, the guardians took all the lanterns in the galaxy and put them on their planet
17:59 Thedude3445 and made a pact with the keepers that they guard the lanterns
18:00 Thedude3445 and the lanterns, because they were on the ground, gave tons of energy to the planet and helped all the people
18:00 Thedude3445 but then one day the guardians are like “fuck this” and took them all away for no reason.
18:00 Thedude3445 so the keepers got their lightsabers and are invading oa
18:02 Thedude3445 ok so there is apparently a keeper leader
18:02 Thedude3445 he is wearing a cape and hood and it makes him look like darth vader
18:03 Thedude3445 he is torturing that black green lantern john from justice league the cartoon
18:04 Thedude3445 douche
18:04 Thedude3445 oh cool space fight scene
18:06 Thedude3445 the mean machine is fighting some pirates
18:07 Thedude3445 and they stole all of their weapons because their rings are powerless against the keepers
18:07 Thedude3445 ok its over

Green Lantern Corps #6

18:12 Thedude3445 generic fps intro scene
18:12 Thedude3445 aka they are on a ship giving the mission briefing in the cockpit
18:12 Thedude3445 and then they jump off right into the action
18:13 Thedude3445 it’s a really cool picture im gonna take a picture of it and upload it for the blog article

18:13 Thedude3445 ok so darth vader guy is acting all meancing
18:14 Thedude3445 and he wants to bring the green lantern central battery to the keeper planet as a one up on the guardians for being pricks
18:14 Thedude3445 totally justified
18:14 Thedude3445 torturing the green lanterns? probably not justified
18:16 Thedude3445 hooking up your own people to feed off of their blood to keep your electricity running? probably not justified either
18:16 Thedude3445 eww all the keepers just took off their clothes and now all they have on are thongs
18:17 Thedude3445 they almost got one of the green lanterns to give them a ring
18:17 Thedude3445 but then jon stweart went all badass and broke his neck so that the ring would fly away
18:17 Thedude3445 and now they are all escaping
18:18 Thedude3445 except for the army of lightsaber keepers surrounding the base
18:18 Thedude3445 jon stewart just made a lord of the rings reference? “out of the frying pan and into the firE”
18:19 Thedude3445 jon stewart has the most unfortunate name
18:19 Thedude3445 people probably see that name and instantly think of the irl one
18:21 Thedude3445 they won the fight…
18:21 Thedude3445 by dropping two yellow lanterns off of a ship and making them explode
18:21 Thedude3445 a “fear bomb”
18:21 Thedude3445 wow now everything’s in a yellow haze
18:22 Thedude3445 it’s like the worlds biggest fart
18:22 Thedude3445 but all the keepers surrendered.
18:22 Thedude3445 and now the leaders of the keepers, including darth vader guy, have to bury all the victims by hand.
18:22 Thedude3445 the end.
18:23 Thedude3445 what a good ending
18:24 Thedude3445 let’s just totally forget that this whole thing was caused by the guardians taking away the keepers life source for no reason at all


Green Lantern #6

18:37 Thedude3445 ok i am readin Green Lantern #6 now
18:37 Thedude3445 previously on Green Lantern: sinestro was forcibly turned into a green lantern again
18:38 Thedude3445 everyone hates him still and wants to kill him
18:38 Thedude3445 but he can’t remove the ring.
18:38 Thedude3445 so he has to try and become a hero.
18:38 Thedude3445 hal jordan doesn’t have a ring, but sinestro is manipulating him by making a ring for him
18:38 — vanquishedValiant is away (Auto away)
18:39 Thedude3445 but one that works only when sinestro wants it to and it can’t harm him.
18:39 Thedude3445 okay…. first page and AGGGH NEW ARTIST
18:39 Thedude3445 I hate that
18:40 Thedude3445 can an artist really not stay on a comic for 6 whole issues
18:40 Thedude3445 hal jordan looks like a little kid in this
18:40 Thedude3445 and it is so inconsistent. the coloring and the whole style
18:41 Thedude3445 some pages it is a lot more animes-like than others
18:41 Dani Oh, no, I had this page scrolled up without realizing again.
18:41 Thedude3445 well anyway hal jordan is like “I don’t need to be a super hero anymore” to his gf because sinestro dumped him back on earth.
18:42 Thedude3445 sinestro is now trying to get some guy to wear a magic helmet or some crap
18:42 *** ChocalateDog quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
18:43 Thedude3445 to locate Lyssa Drak. no idea who that is.
18:43 Thedude3445 ah so I guess it is an alien girl with a magic book and also almost no clothes
18:44 *** ChocalateDog joined #MSPA
18:44 Thedude3445 uhh some flashbacks or something happened
18:44 Thedude3445 of course flashbacks
18:44 Thedude3445 but I think they were supposed to be a plot twist
18:45 Thedude3445 I have not read enough green lantern to understand what plot twist it is, however
18:45 Thedude3445 maybe it’s seeing into the future, though? idk
18:46 *** eqdw quit ()
18:46 Thedude3445 sinestro takes the helmet off of the bro and shoots it, killing no clothes girl.
18:46 *** JDGA joined #MSPA
18:46 Thedude3445 wait maybe only knocks out
18:46 *** ChocalateDog quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
18:46 Thedude3445 all just to find some book?
18:46 Thedude3445 hello jdga btw
18:47 JDGA v_v
18:47 Thedude3445 and now sinestro is making hal be a green lantern again. owned
18:47 Holly :b
18:47 *** Emerl quit (Connection reset by peer)
18:47 *** JDGA is now known as Emerl
18:47 Thedude3445 yeah that’s it

Green Lantern #7

18:53 Thedude3445 hey look the old artist is back
18:53 Thedude3445 less terrible
18:54 Claus Oh It’s because I have two language for my keyboard and I switched between the two.
18:54 Claus Or something like that.
18:54 Thedude3445 they are about to fight the indigo lanterns or some crap
18:54 Thedude3445 wait a minute
18:55 Thedude3445 it was morning when sinestro came to hal jordan and made him a green lantern again, with his naked gf sitting on the bed all embarassed
18:55 Thedude3445 but now it’s night time
18:55 Thedude3445 which mean like 12 hours passed and his gf didn’t even bother to put clothes on or get out of bed at all
18:56 Holly my virus protection is saying the clubhouse tumblr has some kind of malware or whatever
18:56 Thedude3445 lol holly
18:56 Thedude3445 okay…. sinestro is threatening hal jordan saying he has to be a green lantern again or else he’ll kill his gf
18:56 Dani Probably has something to do with Holl.
18:57 Thedude3445 who amazingly, after being roped over to the window by sinestro and then knocked down when hal punches him is able to keep the covers that she was holding on so that she stays decent.
18:57 Thedude3445 oh her name is carol
18:58 Thedude3445 ah so that vision that sinestro saw last issue was not a flashback but a prophecy
18:58 Thedude3445 the guardians are gonna replace the green lanterns and kill all the old ones… or soemthing.
18:58 Thedude3445 and now the indigo lanterns are here to ruin everyone’s fun
18:59 Thedude3445 also carol is secretly a violet lantern
18:59 Thedude3445 what the hell
19:00 Thedude3445 also by putting the violet ring on, her new suit is somehow even less decent than when she wrapped the bed sheets over herself
19:00 *** HarmonicaSonata quit (Connection reset by peer)
19:00 Emerl lol
19:01 *** HarmonicaSonata joined #MSPA
19:01 Thedude3445 ok…. hal wakes up in jail
19:01 Thedude3445 indigo lantern jail
19:01 Thedude3445 also black hand, the villain of the 2009 event “Blackest Night” is now an indigo lantern
19:02 Thedude3445 I thought the new 52 would have rebooted black hand out of existence
19:02 Thedude3445 apparently not
19:02 Thedude3445 indigo tribe basically sucks a lot
19:02 Thedude3445 their emotion that they harness is compassion
19:03 Thedude3445 compared to the other lanterns that have like rage, fear, will, and love and stuff like that
19:03 Thedude3445 yay it’s over

no more green lanterns.

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