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Comic Reactions- Justice League. Also Winter Solider.

Even more MSPA IRC comic reactions.

Justice League #5

19:54 Thedude3445 previously in Justice League: all of the heroes are fighting each other because they are all vigilantes and believe the others are criminals. darkseid invades earth. an explosion causes cyborg to become cyborg.
19:54 Thedude3445 darkseid himself arrives.

stuff happens and it makes me unable to post for a few minutes.

20:02 thedude3445 justice league.
20:02 thedude3445 darkseid. he blows up some planes and the flash is like noooooooo that redshirt was my brother or something like that.
20:02 thedude3445 this is the first page.
20:03 thedude3445 superman is like going to punch him, but flash is like “screw you superman” and picks him up and carries him away from darkseid’s omega beam
20:04 thedude3445 his omega beam disintegrates life, if you have ever watched superman animated series you would know htis.
20:04 thedude3445 they run MILES from this beam. wow this is crazy.
20:04 *** KMSumrall joined #MSPA
20:05 thedude3445 and then when the beam hits a random mook it makes like a gigantic explosion
20:05 thedude3445 then superman gets hit by a beam anyway
20:05 KMSumrall dani, we meet again on the battlefield
20:05 thedude3445 and a mook carries him away to the wicked witch’s fortress.
20:05 thedude3445 the wicked witch being darkseid.
20:06 *** LegendaryQ quit (Connection reset by peer)
20:06 Dani KMSUMRALL.
20:06 thedude3445 green lantern tries to beat up darkseid but gets owned horribly while all the other justice league guys pretty much just watch.
20:07 KMSumrall i got nothing to add, daniel990
20:07 thedude3445 lol!!!
20:07 thedude3445 hal and batman are arguing
20:07 thedude3445 and then batman’s like “we are really alike”
20:08 thedude3445 and takes off his mask
20:08 *** gG_birthdays quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
20:08 thedude3445 “My name is bruce wayne”
20:08 thedude3445 and then hal’s like “who the hell is bruce wayne”
20:08 thedude3445 making the reveal completely useless
20:08 KMSumrall dude what the hell are you talking about?
20:08 Dani AAAAAAAAH.
20:08 KMSumrall why are you narrating this comic or whatever here?
20:08 thedude3445 I am reading through justice league #4, KMS
20:09 KMSumrall why are you telling this to the board?
20:09 thedude3445 I have been doing this for a while now,
20:09 thedude3445 I have this big stack of comics and I need to read them all
20:09 thedude3445 why am I doing this?
20:09 thedude3445 logic lol
20:09 KMSumrall tell the board
20:10 KMSumrall why are you telling narrationg this to the board
20:10 thedude3445 hmm
20:10 thedude3445 because that is what makes reviews the best. when they are done live
20:10 KMSumrall guess i’ll go do something else for a while
20:10 *** KMSumrall quit (Quit: doing something else)
20:11 thedude3445 oh
20:11 thedude3445 now I feel bad

then some minutes pass of talking about moving the comic stuff to a different IRC channel until I just finish the comic.

20:27 thedude3445 well I already finished the rest of Justice League #5 like 5 minutes ago so I will just give a summary and it is that batman hops on a mook to go wherever superman is and then lands on some weird alien planet presumably darkseid’s home planet that i cant remember the name of.

Justice League #6

21:22 thedude3445 ok so reading now
21:23 thedude3445 random civillians definitely about to get killed by darkseid
21:23 thedude3445 and of course the justice league saves them.
21:24 thedude3445 and they fight darkseid again
21:25 thedude3445 apparently the whole reason darkseid is here is for wonder woman.
21:25 thedude3445 wtf
21:26 thedude3445 they are looking for the daughter of darkseid
21:28 thedude3445 so many splash pages
21:28 thedude3445 like all of the splash pages.
21:29 thedude3445 not as many as the last few issues of The Ultimates 2 of course
21:29 thedude3445 but a lot
21:31 thedude3445 cyborg closes the plot device wormholes and banishes darkseid for the rest of the week
21:31 thedude3445 now all of the people are cheering the superheroes on in the rubble
21:31 thedude3445 just like the ultimates in ultimates 1 both volume 1 and 2….
21:32 thedude3445 the president is giving a speech….
21:32 thedude3445 is that bush?
21:32 thedude3445 clinton?
21:33 thedude3445 he’s white and justice league is like older than most of the dc comics, in the timeline at least, so it’s probably not obama
21:33 thedude3445 I guess it’s bush.
21:33 thedude3445 near the end of his term probably
21:34 thedude3445 so that action comics, the definite oldest one (besides all star western and demon nights and all those) is still pretty modern.
21:35 thedude3445 oh and now hal jordan is a douche and doesn’t want to do the team thing anymore
21:35 thedude3445 but there is another pressing threat and they have to mobilize.
21:35 thedude3445 Flash says “you can call us…”
21:36 thedude3445 “the super seven!”
21:36 thedude3445 no….
21:36 thedude3445 no….
21:36 thedude3445 why
21:36 thedude3445 that is a thing that is not even funny.
21:36 thedude3445 and….
21:36 thedude3445 a 1 page epilogue…
21:37 thedude3445 one guy’s like
21:37 thedude3445 “dude there’s tons of these justice league guys. they are calling them all super heroes.”
21:38 thedude3445 and then another guy, no face shown, smoking a cigarette, so probably the illusive man because the other guy has indoctrinated eyes, says
21:38 thedude3445 “well then. i guess they’ll call us super villains.”
21:38 thedude3445 that is either really cool
21:38 thedude3445 or really crappy
21:39 thedude3445 and now there’s a backup story about Pandora
21:39 thedude3445 that chick who was at the end of flashpoint and showed up in the background of all 52 #1s.
21:40 thedude3445 there’s these extradimensional beings
21:40 thedude3445 and they are like the watchers from marvel except human
21:40 thedude3445 and they are all pissed at pandora for merging all the universes into the new 52
21:40 thedude3445 (except earth 2 which is also a thing that still exists)
21:41 thedude3445 and then she shoots the guys who was scolding her.
21:43 thedude3445 of course he can’t die from bullets but he is extra pissed now
21:43 thedude3445 and pandora apparently has to imprison some dude called “the strange”
21:43 thedude3445 probably that guy in the epilogue.
21:43 thedude3445 the end.
21:44 thedude3445 there’s an ad for which is like donating to help the famine in eastern africa that has been going on for a while now.

Winter Soldier #1

16:37 Thedude3445 ok so it like starts out
16:37 Thedude3445 bucky and black widow are in a casino
16:38 Thedude3445 they are like married or something if i recall correctly
16:38 Thedude3445 they sneak into an area of this hotel and kill everyone looking for some thing
16:39 Thedude3445 one page of exposition to bring up new readers on why bucky is no longer captain america and stuff
16:39 Thedude3445 it is done much better than other #1s I have read
16:39 Thedude3445 scarlet spider #1 being the worst case
16:39 Thedude3445 as it had a 3 page article about the history of the clone saga
16:39 Thedude3445 it wasn’t even in continuity
16:40 Thedude3445 not to say scarlet spider is bad. i liked it
16:40 Thedude3445 just come on why cant you do some exposition
16:40 Thedude3445 yeah so the art in this comic really varies
16:41 Thedude3445 its either bad or really good
16:41 Thedude3445 not only does it vary from page to page but sometimes panel to panel
16:42 Thedude3445 ok so they are going against R.A.I.D
16:42 Thedude3445 an A.I.M. spinoff that obviously does not have modok
16:42 Thedude3445 snore
16:43 Thedude3445 an ad for upcoming issues of the ultimate comics stuff
16:44 Thedude3445 i havent read the comics but damn that cover art is great
16:44 Thedude3445 lots of fighting and spy stuff
16:45 Thedude3445 okay gorilla
16:45 Thedude3445 and okay that one chick from 2004’s secret wars
16:45 Thedude3445 is she STILL alive
16:45 Thedude3445 she wasn’t even ever relevant outside that miniseries
16:45 Thedude3445 why is she alive
16:45 Thedude3445 and why is she talking to beethoven.
16:46 Thedude3445 doctor doom cameo. of course
16:46 Thedude3445 yeah so i don’t know what was going on but i guess it was cool.
16:46 Thedude3445 too bad i dont have issue 2.

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