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Comic Reactions- Avengers #21- #24

Avengers #21

16:54 Thedude3445 previously on avengers: norman osborn escapes from prison and makes his own avengers team
16:54 Thedude3445 the original avengers get pissed at this

16:59 Thedude3445 oh yeah so I was reading avengers. okay first page and there is new art. it is pretty terrible and also spider woman is evil.
16:59 Thedude3445 but not really
16:59 BISlover4412 ohey again claus
16:59 Claus hiya
16:59 Thedude3445 3 clones of hulk attack her
16:59 Thedude3445 I am not making this stuff up guys
17:00 Thedude3445 okay while hulk clones beat up a woman, red hulk fights really tiny bees
17:00 Thedude3445 and loses
17:00 Thedude3445 I am also not making this up
17:00 Sgeo Other things that tanks should not be able to do but can (with superflags): Turn invisible, fly, drive through buildings, go slightly underground, turn as thin as paper, shoot a beam that can steal a flag
17:00 Sgeo This game does not go for realism.
17:01 Thedude3445 iron man’s suit gets taken over by an enemy. this happens way too much
17:01 Sgeo Oh, and shoot a bullet that if it hits an enemy team’s tank, kills everyone on that tank’s team.
17:01 Sgeo shoot bullets that go through buildings
17:01 Thedude3445 vision fights this gigantic flying invisible man or something
17:02 Thedude3445 who gives him a moral speech that the avengers are totally corrupt
17:02 Thedude3445 then like 5 of them appear
17:02 Sgeo Also, in this video, lasers reload WAY too quickly
17:02 vanquishedValiant Sgeo, I gotta say this game sounds… and looks pretty bad
17:02 Sgeo vanquishedValiant,
17:02 Thedude3445 and then captain america saves the day and kills one invisible giant dude
17:02 vanquishedValiant *shrug*
17:02 Sgeo I should clarify, not all of those things are possible at once. Only one at a time.
17:02 Thedude3445 but then there’s like 4 more and he is like “well shit” and dies
17:03 Thedude3445 okay the screen blacks out

Avengers #22

17:05 Thedude3445 I’m gonna basically skim this
17:05 Thedude3445 there is no way this can be good at all
17:05 ChocalateDog i dont rememebr a sword lunge outta Headlong though I do remmeber using it once out of th emap
17:05 Thedude3445 oh look the president is speaking
17:06 ChocalateDog Burial Mounds was more fun outside the map than inside of it…
17:06 Thedude3445 and his face is shadowed so you can’t see it
17:06 Thedude3445 but you can tell that he is black
17:06 Thedude3445 so that defeats the purpose -_-
17:06 *** Pbhead quit (Connection reset by peer)
17:07 Thedude3445 captain america is now being interrogated by lady hydra and she’s like hate flirting with him or something. troll romance sure is weird.
17:07 *** Pbhead joined #MSPA
17:07 Thedude3445 iron man is also captured.they just shock him a lot
17:08 Thedude3445 spider waman is also captured. lady hydra visits her and flirts with her too
17:08 Thedude3445 she literally says “I love you, Jessica. It’s never too late to embrace your destiny.”
17:08 Thedude3445 lesbian romances
17:08 Thedude3445 those invisible giant guys from last issue?
17:09 Thedude3445 they are here again. in a cave. and also visible and not giant.
17:09 Thedude3445 and meteors like start rolling down the cave and they try to make it out
17:09 Thedude3445 oh crap
17:09 Thedude3445 they were in red hulks nose
17:09 Thedude3445 ……………………..
17:09 Pbhead wtf is thedude talking about?
17:10 Dani What are you talking about now?
17:10 Thedude3445 I…. I’m not reading this anymore
17:10 Thedude3445 that was too stupid
17:10 Thedude3445 president obama is about to make a deal with norman osborn, who tried to take over the government like a year ago
17:11 Thedude3445 this…. is stupid
17:11 Dani ????????
17:11 Thedude3445 stupidity is what I am talking about
17:11 Thedude3445 dumb avengers comics

Avengers #23

17:18 Thedude3445 okay… I’m gonna go ahead and read avengers 23 and 24. just to finish this story arc because I think it ends after that. hopefully. if the next story arc isn’t AMAZING i’m unsubscribing because this currently sucks.
17:19 Thedude3445
17:19 Wert_Ac but
17:19 Wert_Ac i mean
17:19 Wert_Ac in halo
17:19 Wert_Ac i should be able to see my feet
17:19 Wert_Ac where are my feet
17:19 vanquishedValiant bs.
17:19 vanquishedValiant sup
17:19 Ktalaki you lost them in a gunfight
17:19 Wert_Ac ;_;
17:19 bewilderedShenanigan sup veeves
17:20 Wert_Ac How am I supposed to enjoy t-bagging people if I can’t see my feet???
17:20 bewilderedShenanigan “enjoy t-bagging” is an oxymoron
17:20 ChocalateDog wert have you never played Halo 1?
17:20 Thedude3445 the old artist is back so it is slightly less bad. but now obama is negotiating with the bad guys. he’s like “norman osborn you wanna be secretary of defense again?” “ok”
17:21 Thedude3445 but then he’s like “nah nevermind”
17:21 Thedude3445 and a million clones of hulk start attacking the us army
17:22 Thedude3445 and all of those guys who were captured last issue break out. the end.
17:22 Thedude3445 one more issue guys!

Avengers #24

17:24 Thedude3445 ok reading now here it is
17:24 Thedude3445 UGH FLASHBACK
17:24 Thedude3445 so many freaking flashbacks in comic books
17:25 Thedude3445 …
17:25 Thedude3445 Norman Osborn has implanted the superpowers of hulk, iron man,wolverine, and a bunch of other guys in himself
17:26 Thedude3445 what a tool
17:26 bewilderedShenanigan hey vV, can you give me that link to the HHT manip of me you did?
17:27 *** Pbhead joined #MSPA
17:27 vanquishedValiant one sec
17:27 Thedude3445 so all of the avengers ever are fighting him and he is still winning
17:27 Thedude3445 also he is purple
17:27 Thedude3445 so he is barney
17:27 Thedude3445 i am not sure how I feel about this
17:27 *** vanquishdValiant joined #MSPA
17:27 *** techloveArtist joined #MSPA
17:28 techloveArtist computer crahsed
17:28 *** Pbhead is now known as Guest69
17:28 techloveArtist crashed
17:28 vanquishdValiant hey tech
17:28 Thedude3445 oh so now all the NEW avengers show up to help too.
17:28 bewilderedShenanigan yo tech
17:28 Thedude3445 and norman osborn is ready to attack
17:28 Thedude3445 and
17:28 vanquishdValiant
17:28 vanquishdValiant here you are bs
17:28 *** Guest69 quit (Connection reset by peer)
17:28 Thedude3445 he disintegrates
17:28 bewilderedShenanigan thanks
17:28 Thedude3445 ^lol
17:28 vanquishdValiant np
17:28 vanquishdValiant also
17:28 vanquishdValiant why were you wearing a hat
17:28 vanquishdValiant im curious as if you were just
17:28 bewilderedShenanigan shaved head = cold
17:29 vanquishdValiant lol
17:29 vanquishdValiant so… you wear a toque indoors
17:29 Thedude3445 and now it’s all over. except madame hydra got away still because of course you can’t grab 2 villains at once. impossible.
17:29 vanquishdValiant fascinating
17:29 Thedude3445 next month is avengers vs. x-men so…. it might be really stupid.

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