The Evolution Revolution

Time for some Homestuck Sound Test Music

Music never officially released on any albums but are still really awesome? This is my forte.  Time for music!

Note on 11/20/12: I deleted the original dropbox files that I had linked on this post, so instead I will show you a list of a bunch of different Sound Test songs. They are all really cool, listen to them.…this-is-an-old Tavros plays the Cello…e-a-snippet-of Jane Dargason (Beta 1)…ir-worth-since National Anthem by J and Shaggy Astro Kid’s Homestuck things…ts-very-much-a (Piano and Cello thing)…that-i-had-set Meadows
There’s also a Candles & Clockwork remake version on his tumblr that I can’t find (it’s different than the Alpha Version though) Lots of songs here WTFrost A few things on here, not too many though. Mother (A2 Rose Theme) You’re So Rad (Karkat + Terezi Theme) <<< This never happened All of Jit’s stuff. March of the Drones Royal Rumble (Knight vs. Knight) Creepy Doc Scratch thing…s-for-anything Patient…ly-wont-finish Musical Doodle (Kind of a Die Theme)…-work-so-heres Doodle Borealis…ck-possible-on Phattest Kick Ever…-from-alternia UU’s Theme…se-compressors Suncompressor…y-chords-ideas Jake’s funeral or something MIDIs of all the TOTA songs…-doing-anymore Thugkat So many songs on here 0_0…ave-a-taste-of Hardchorale Remastered…-update-i-e-us Anticipate useful maybe idk Courser (original version)…eature=related Cuttlefish Rag…hannel&list=UL 8-bit Squiddles Theme #1…hannel&list=UL 8-bit Squiddles Theme #2…hannel&list=UL [S] Seer: Ask Mighty Moose/David Ko Kali’s stuff. Oldest stuff is hard to discern if it’s Homestuck or not, these I am pretty sure about: (dunno if this version is any different or not, my computer’s messed up currently) !!! (original Desperado) (Desperado v2, still before the Bolin mix) (the above plus O_O) (v2) literally all of them on here SolusLunes’s music. Dunno what’s Homestuck or not besides what was on Volume 5, if anything.…n-Music-thread

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