The Evolution Revolution

Comic Reactions- Avengers Assemble #1

Only pictures this time. So it’s like those game playthroughs I used to do, except with a comic.

Apparently this comic got pretty terrible reviews. But it’s by Bendis and Bagley. How could it possibly be bad? They made Ultimate Spider-Man and stuff.


I read through it and I didn’t think it was bad. But there were some things that stood out to me:

Look at this! Marvel has completely gone off the deep end! They are plagiarizing from Andrew Hussie and Homestuck. I mean, look. There just happens to be 12 people, all with the exact same symbols as the Trolls. Seriously? They changed the colors, but not the symbols. They even look like my headcanon for the humanswapped trolls. Obviously, this is copyright infringement, and Marvel needs to be shut down for ripping off an indie webcomic creator.

I am so glad that this line was finally used somewhere, because I have been feeling the same way for years.

wwoah im like made a wwater noww

This is what we didn’t see happened after Tavros prototyped Tinkerbull during Hivebent.

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