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Comic Reactions- Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day was yesterday! (Depending on when I set this article to be published it could be later) The comic book store I went to had a limit of 5 comics per person, so I only have 5 to talk about this time.

Megaman: It’s a prequel to the entire series of Megaman, I guess. It shows Dr. Wily reprogramming all the robot masters to be evil and stuff. You know, typical Megaman. It was pretty cool I guess.

Sonic the Hedgehog: I… have no idea what was going on in this but it ended up with a roboticized Sally and that was kind of weird. The second half of the comic is a selection of prose vignettes for some reason. I think this is all connected to the Sonic: Genesis story arc from last year, but I have not read any Sonic Comics in 6 years so I am not sure.

Adventure Time had its first Free Comic Book Day comic, and it was totally amazing! There are 3 stories in there, and each one is pretty much great.
There is a second comic as this is a flipbook. It is the Peanuts comic. I won’t go into how horrible it is to continue Peanuts after Charles Schulz did not want this exact thing to happen, but I am not a fan. There are also 3 stories on this side, each separated by a Classic Peanuts sunday comic. The new stories are amusing I guess, but the Classic Peanuts comics were the only really good ones.

Avengers: Age of Ultron 0.1: This, along with Avengers v4 #1, was reprinted for Free Comic Book Day. I…. did not realize that I had already read this… I could have gotten something else cool but instead I am kind of dumb >_> The comic is good though. It is a setup for I guess a future event or miniseries of Age of Ultron, coming after AvX I assume.

The New 52 #1: This is the comic that everyone is hyping about. It has an all-new story by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee that is very much connected to Justice League. There’s a whole lot in here that I as a DC reader that started at the New 52 probably don’t even notice. I did see the New 52 Question and I am really wondering how that will play out! The comic ends with a preview for the Trinity War…. I do not know what that is. But it looks weird and it’s coming 2013. Then there’s 2-page previews of each of the six New Wave titles that come out this month. Earth 2 and Dial H look like the best of them.

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3 thoughts on “Comic Reactions- Free Comic Book Day

  1. Didnt get a chance to pick up megaman. think the series might be decent? I also have a comic review blog thats coming along nicely if you like comics outside of Marvel and DC im going to be trying to work on IDW and DYNAMITE alot. you should check out my reviews for The Spider and The Shadow. i also appreciate a follower 🙂

    • thedude3445 on said:

      Oh yeah the Megaman series is pretty good. I have issues 6 through 11; I’m actually reading them right now coincidentally :0

  2. thedude3445 on said:

    What I think was most sad about the New 52 FCBD issue, looking back, is that most of the comics introduced have already been cancelled or are currently faltering severely, sales-wise. I have a feeling that years in the future, when Wave 10 or something is introduced, Wave 2 will be looked at as quite the low point, since Waves 3 and 4 are both looking strong.

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