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Pickles Recommends: Music that I would like to plug

is the greatest site for finding new music and new artists to enjoy. I know I sound like a huge hipster, but mainstream music is just not that good, generally. ESPECIALLY in the electronic genres. Good dubstep is almost a paradox in regular music, but I have actually found some that is enjoyable, along with a bunch of other stuff.

(hint: click on the album covers to go to the albums)

Screamcatcher aka KalibrationLTD aka Robert Blaker is really good at basically every electronic genre ever and it is so cool to listen to. He makes the grittiest dubstep still somehow sound listenable. All 4 of his albums are of a very high quality.

Sojourn is an awesome orchestral soundtrack in the spirit of every old fantasy game that you could imagine. It has pretty mid-quality MIDIs as the only instruments, but that is the whole point. It is sickeningly nostalgic, almost. Also, these pieces are so long! Like an average of around 5 minutes per song.

This is a cool ambient soundtrack to some Czech indie game that I had never before heard of. I have no words for it except that it is indeed ambient and therefore awesome.

This is some weird fake band thing like the Gorillaz, except with a video game theme. Their album Pixelated Planet is apparently for a future game they are releasing, but I like it just for the music. The music is great is why.

Apparently the Marchfourth Marching Band is pretty famous! It is not actually a marching band but a big band; do not be fooled. But the band’s variety of styles makes it unpredictable for every song, and the whole thing is just damn fun to listen to. I recommend this band more than any of the others on this article, as a matter of fact. Too bad each of the albums is like 15 bucks 😦

This is just some of the music that I have discovered recently. There is more that I may post in the future!

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